New features such as 'shoot with wink' and 'iOS app' appear on GoogleGlass one after another

Google announced that we've updated on many of the new features of Google Glass. There were many requests "Screen Lock","Photo taken with wink"hang out"Upload movies directly from Google Glass to YouTube"Music"Has been added and iOS version application that it was released to the public on the App Store erroneously"MyGlassWe also announced the official release of.

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XE12 release notes - Google Glass Help

◆ Lock screen
The screen lock function which many question was added added and it is now safe to use Google Glass. To release the lock, you enter "secret handshake" by tapping and swiping.

◆ Hangout
With Google Glasshang outIn addition to video calling, you can also use chat, you can now send messages and images as well.

◆ Upload to YouTube
When you tap & swipe the movie recorded with Google Glass, the share screen to YouTube appears, you can tap the movie you just taken, or share it directly to YouTube with voice recognition.

◆ Wink
Added a function that can capture without missing scenes just winking when suddenly encountering a beautiful morning sun or when you want to note the receipt for lunch. This function can be switched on or off from the setting. By the way, from the beginningThere is a function to take pictures with winkAlthough it was known that it was finally banned from use.

◆ Music
With Google GlassGoogle Play MusicYou can listen to your own playlist and "All Access" buyers can use all the features such as radio on Google Glass. You can operate by tapping or voice recognition.

◆ iOS application
We plan to release the Google Glass application "MyGlass for iOS" this weekend. Android version of "MyGlassIt has almost the same function as "You can display route guidance on the iPhone screen on Google Glass. However, in order to use the iOS application, you need to change the version to "XE12" with Google Glass update planned this month.

◆ Enhanced speech recognition function

The function by voice is improved a little, and it is possible to correspond to the question "What is the distance to Brooklyn", "How many calories is banana?"

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