Microsoft's speech recognition assistant "Cortana" screen photo leakage, recognizing human voice like Siri and Google Now


Microsoft is developing "Cortana (Cortana)" as a voice recognition assistant function such as "Siri" installed in iOS terminal and "Google Now" of Android terminal. Although not officially announced yet at the present time, The Verge has released a screen shot.

Microsoft's 'Cortana' is like Siri for Windows Phone | The Verge

This is a screenshot like Cortana's start screen. "Need something?" Is displayed, and if you talk to it like Siri it will search for that information.

"We are currently absorbing the information on the Internet now, it will not take so long" message.

This is the setting screen

Cortana is a voice recognition assistant function Microsoft sends to counter Apple's Siri and Google's Google Now. It is developing in partnership with Foursquare with location information technology, and it is rumored that it will be released in accordance with Windows Phone 8.1. The name seems to be derived from the female type AI · Cortana which leads the player among the popular game "Halo" for Xbox.

The details are still unknown, but the support languages ​​are British English, Indian English, American English, German, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil) · Russian · Chinese · Chinese (Taiwan) · Chinese (Hong Kong)Obviously it is 15 languagesIt is getting.

In Japan, handling of Windows Phone-equipped terminals is almost in a state of non-existence, but Cortana is planning to support Japanese,Microsoft will acquire Nokia, the main manufacturer of the terminal, and will promote its deployment of Windows Phone itselfFrom the circumstances that it is supposed to be, in the future, I would like to expect Microsoft to focus on deploying Windows Phone in Japan.

By the way, Windows Phone 8.1 and Cortana are Microsoft conference in April "Build 2014It is believed that it will be announced in.

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