It turns out that Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s account, which was deleted because Instagram claimed an anti-new corona vaccine, was revived because he ran for president



For the 2024 US presidential election, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a lawyer and nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy, has announced his bid for the Democratic nomination. Mr. Kennedy Jr. had his Instagram and Facebook accounts suspended in the past for spreading false information about the new coronavirus vaccine, but his personal Instagram account was revived because he was a candidate for the presidential election. has been reported.

Instagram reinstates Robert Kennedy Jr. after launch of presidential bid - The Washington Post

Instagram reinstates Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s account | The Hill

Kennedy Jr. is one of the leaders of the non-profit Children's Health Defense. Children's Health Defense, as a new coronavirus vaccine denial organization, spread misinformation on social media and called for the suspension of vaccination, and spread a lot of misinformation about 5G communication and fluoridated drinking water. was

Kennedy Jr.'s personal Instagram account was deleted in February 2021 after the anti-vaccine movement violated policy. The Children's Health Defense account has also been frozen on Facebook and Instagram in August 2022. In response to Meta's response, Kennedy Jr. criticized that ``Facebook silences all criticism of authoritarian policies as an agent of the crusader of the federal government.''

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And immediately after Mr. Kennedy Jr. announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination, it turned out that Mr. Kennedy Jr.'s presidential campaign could not open an Instagram account. Kennedy Jr. said, ``It is extremely undemocratic to silence a major presidential candidate. Social media is the modern city square. If so, how does democracy work?' he tweeted, criticizing Instagram.

Meta spokesperson Andy Stone told The Washington Post, ``Because Kennedy Jr. is a running candidate for president of the United States, he has regained access to his Instagram account.'' It is said that the problem that was not there was also quickly fixed. However, it was Mr. Kennedy Jr.'s personal Instagram account that recovered, and the Children's Health Defense account remains frozen on both Instagram and Facebook.

In response to Kennedy Jr.'s tweet, which criticizes Instagram, Elon Musk of Twitter suggested, ``Would you like to have a discussion with me in the Twitter space next week?'' A discussion between Kennedy Jr. and Mask will be held in the Twitter space on the afternoon of June 5, 2023, local time.

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