Microsoft will end some support such as smartphone application of AI assistant ``Cortana''

Microsoft has announced that it will end support for smartphone version apps and smart speakers among its own developed AI assistant '

Cortana '. In the future, as before, Cortana integration into Windows 10, Office 365, and Microsoft Teams will be the main focus.

Upcoming changes to Cortana

Cortana is an AI assistant announced by Microsoft in 2014, and it is possible to use the search function by voice operation, set reminders, check weather and news. Cortana, which has been deployed on a wide range of platforms such as Windows 10, Windows Phone, and Xbox One, supports Japanese since 2016, and Windows and iOS versions are provided.

Microsoft announced that it will end support for third-party Cortana skills on September 7, 2020 and end support for Cortana apps for iOS and Android in early 2021. In the future, Cortana will be centered on integration with Windows 10 and Outlook mobile apps, and voice support in Microsoft Temas mobile apps.

Then, in January of 202, Cortana support for Harman Kardon's Cortana-equipped smart speaker ' Invoke ' will be discontinued. ``Most customers use Invoke to play music because of its high-quality sound,'' Microsoft said, switching Invoke to a Bluetooth-enabled speaker instead of a Cortana-powered smart speaker. I told you.

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Also, even with Surface Headphones that also supported Cortana, it seems that Cortana support will be discontinued in models after 2021, but for models released at the time of article creation, smartphone version Outlook application as before You can access Cortana to manage your inbox, play emails and set schedules. In addition, Microsoft is also developing a program to give gift cards of $ 50 (about 5300 yen) to people who purchased the first generation Surface Headphone.

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