Microsoft officially announces iOS · Android correspondence of speech recognition assistant 'Cortana'

Microsoft is a speech recognition assistant scheduled to be standard on Windows 10 "Cortana (Cortana)"IOS version and Android version of the application is announced.

Your Windows 10 PC will love all the devices you own

Microsoft has prepared an application of "Cortana" of iOS · Android version so that many people possessing iOS terminal and Android smartphone can use Windows conveniently. Cortana is expected to be installed in Windows 10 which will be upgraded in the summer of 2015, Cortana's Android application will be available in June 2015, iOS version will be available in 2015.

Cortana announces at developer conference event "Microsoft Build" in 2014It is a speech recognition assistant that helps Web search, reminder setting, e-mail, device setting, etc. by voice, making comfortable user experience. Where you actually register reminders or set alarms in Cortana, you can check the following article.

"Cortana" running on Windows 10 looks something like this - GIGAZINE

In addition, the following article can check how much the function of "Siri" "Google Now" "Cortana" as of 2014 was.

"Siri" vs. "Google Now" vs. "Cortana", if you can correctly answer the question Whether the winner of the confrontation? - GIGAZINE

In addition, the standard "Windows 10"Phone Companion"An application named" It is announced and it will become possible to cooperate with own Windows PC whichever smart phone is used.

By using Phone Companion, it seems that Cortana · Photo · Music · OneNote · Skype · Office etc. can be linked with smartphone. Specifically, by using the latest music application, you can enjoy music from OneDrive on iPhone or Android smartphone, and if you take notes with OneNote, your smartphone and PC can be synchronized and you can check notes anywhere. It is said that.

Also, have photos on smartphone ......

It is possible to easily share with your own PC etc.

In addition, the Android / iOS version of the music application of Xbox is equipped with a beta function that can reproduce music of OneDrive, and it is planned to be offered in June or July 2015.

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