Microsoft Speech Assistant 'Cortana' disappears from Xbox One

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Insider Program is a tool that lets you experience the latest updates of the Xbox and give feedback to the development team. The Xbox Insider team is responsible for developing updates and new features that will be provided quickly by the program. Brad Rossetti , the leader of the Xbox Insider team, announces the adoption of a new design on the home screen of the Xbox One and major changes to voice commands using Microsoft's voice recognition assistant Cortana etc. doing.

New Approaches to Home and Xbox Voice Commands Roll Out to Xbox Insiders-Xbox Wire

Microsoft will drop Cortana from Xbox One as part of another dashboard redesign-The Verge

◆ New home screen
The home screen of the Xbox One is the screen that appears first when you turn on the power, and it is the screen that you must go through when playing a game, watching a video, or performing any action on the Xbox One. By improving the home screen, the Xbox Insider team wanted to make it easier and more seamless for users to use the Xbox, and started working on improving the home screen. Based on user feedback, it is possible to shift to game play more quickly and improve the content that can be handled on the Xbox to a more home screen.

The new home screen suggested by the Xbox Insider team is: Get quicker access to Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft's live streaming platform Mixer , Xbox Community, and Microsoft Store.

If you want to try this new home screen, you need to register for the Xbox Insider Program. And we're looking for feedback on new home screen designs on the

Xbox Idea Hub . Depending on the content of the feedback, the newly designed home screen will be reflected to Xbox One users around the world.

◆ Voice command of Xbox One changed
It was possible to connect with 'Xbox Skill for Cortana' and an Alexa compatible terminal from around the autumn of 2018, and it was possible to operate with voice commands, but it is also planned to add an update to these voice commands. You

The update is said to evolve to process Xbox One voice commands in the cloud instead of on the device. Rossetti's has declared that 'you will not be able to talk to Cortana through the headset', overseas media The Verge is shifting 'Microsoft is in the cloud-based assistant, it had already been carried out one It's said that exactly the same thing happens with the Cortana of Xbox One, just as it does with integration with Alexa in the departmental voice command .

If you start Xbox One for Cortana via iOS, Android, Windows's Cortana app or Harmon Kardon's Invoke Speaker, you can turn on Xbox One, adjust the volume, or play games and apps. It is possible to start up and take screenshots. However, Microsoft recommends a cloud-based voice command integrated with Alexa, and says, 'We will continue to extend voice functionality based on stage feedback.'

The voice commands for the Xbox One will be rolled out in a future update, and will be available to all users by autumn.

The Verge pointed out that 'it is natural to see Cortana disappear from Xbox One' and that Microsoft is designing Cortana 's future in a more business-focused way . In addition, Microsoft has separated Cortana from search with the Windows 10 update of May 10, 2019, and has begun distributing Cortana as a single app in the Microsoft Store. Including these, “The removal of Cortana from the Xbox is a step towards the end of the consumer speech assistant,” notes The Verge.

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