Expectations of announcement on new Windows Phone will be enhanced at the upcoming Windows 10 event

Microsoft announced on January 21, 2015Events related to Windows 10In addition to reporting on Windows 10 for PC, it is expected that a new OS "Windows 10 for mobile (tentative name)" for mobile OS will be announced.

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For the event marked as a presentation about "the next chapter of Windows 10"Satia Nadera CEOAs well as Mr. Joe Beufiole who is involved in UX development for smartphones and tablets is scheduled to be in attendance, Windows 10 for Windows Phone (hereinafter referred to as "Windows 10 for mobile") will be announced It is expected.

In connection with Windows 10 for mobile, Microsoft has already released a mobile OS update for Windows Phone users before release "Phone InsiderAn application called "Windows Phone Store" is provided. Phone Insider,Technical preview version of Windows 10Program for receiving feedback from users who are using "Windows Insider Program"This is an application that can be said to be the Windows Phone version and is intended to obtain feedback by pre-releasing the functions of the new OS to some users and developers. The fact that Microsoft provided Phone Insider seems to imply that the next Windows Phone OS, Windows 10 for mobile, is announcing closer.

For Windows's new mobile OS, the integration of Windows Phone used on smartphones and Windows RT used with tablet terminals is definite. In addition, it is Windows 10 which is being developed as a "comprehensive platform" that integrates PC, mobile terminal, terminal for IoT, TV, etc., not on the extension line of the existing OS, and further promotes correspondence to the cloud Windows 10 · For mobile terminal · OS for Xbox One may be integrated.

Microsoft is docking station that outputs and displays Windows Phone with Intel SoC installed on displayPatent, So this may be announced as a function of Windows 10 for mobile. A lot of 2 in 1 type tablets have already been released on Android terminal, but if it is a dock function usable with Windows 10 for mobile which is compatible with Windows PC it can be said that it is not convenient compared with Android, Windows Phone It seems to be the reason to positively choose.

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