Microsoft unveiled a project to share applications for multiple platforms

Microsoft announced the developer conference "April 2, 2014"Build 2014"Projects that combine applications for all platforms provided by Microsoft, such as PCs, tablets, smartphones, into one"Universal Windows AppsWe announced.

Microsoft introduces Universal Windows apps | WMPoweruser

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If Universal Windows Apps is realized, developers can develop applications that can be optimized for platforms such as PCs, tablets and smartphones. The development language corresponds to C #, JavaScript, and HTML 5, and the same framework can be used while operating on Windows Runtime. In addition, developers can possess Specified code · Shared code, you can easily test the developed application with Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone 8.1 emulator.

Users can integrate applications from Universal Windows Apps-compatible applications on terminals on different platforms, for example, if you install Universal Windows Apps-compatible applications on your tablet on the Windows Store, you can also use that application with PCs and smartphones.

In order to support developers to develop software that runs on multiple platforms,Visual Studios 2013We are planning to provide an update. In addition, the platform included in Universal Windows Apps is a company's home game machine "Xbox OneIt is also clear that there is the possibility that it will be added.

The easier development of apps brings benefits to many developers and users, and Universal Windows Apps seems to be a big step for Microsoft

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