Microsoft plans to extend Xbox Live cross platform experience for Nintendo Switch / mobile

GDC 2019 , the world's largest conference for game developers, will be held in San Francisco, USA, for 5 days from March 18 to 22, 2019. Various companies / developers are scheduled to give lectures in the event, but from the summary, Microsoft will use Xbox Live , its own online service, on different platforms such as Nintendo Switch and iOS · Android It is clear that you have a plan to build an environment to extend cross-platform play among Xbox One.

Microsoft wants to bring Xbox Live cross-platform gaming to Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and more | Windows Central

Microsoft Planning Xbox Live For Switch / Mobile - Game Informer

In June 2018, Nintendo and Microsoft, together with the release of the " Minecraft " version of the Nintendo Switch, allowed them to play a Minecraft together on multiple platforms such as Nintendo Switch / Xbox One / PC / iOS / Android Announced the realization of cross platform play.

Nintendo and Microsoft are collaborating to realize crossplay beyond platform boundaries, while Sony - GIGAZINE

This cross-platform play was only "in the maincraft" to the last, but it is clear that Microsoft is planning to extend it to other Nintendo Switch and Xbox One-compatible games.

Microsoft will do a session called " Xbox Live: Growing & Engaging Your Gaming Community Across Platforms (Presented by Microsoft)" (Growth and cooperation of game platform for multiple platforms ) "in GDC 2019 "It is written that" SDK is released for the first time so that game developers can connect players across the platform walls ", and from here it is noted that Microsoft has been working with different platforms such as Nintendo Switch · iOS · Android It is clear that you are trying to build an environment to realize cross platform.

According to Microsoft, Xbox Live is one of the world's largest gaming community with more than 400 million active game players and more than 68 million active players, Microsoft has released XDK (Xbox One Development SDK) for a new cross platform By doing so, the influence of Xbox Live will extend to more than 2 billion gaming devices. It seems that Microsoft plans to further expand Xbox Live by releasing SDK for cross platform to third party game developers.

Compared to gamers' gaming experiences playing on PCs and gaming machines, the play style of gamers playing on mobile devices is significantly different. However, with the advent of games such as Minecraft, Fort Knight and PUBG, high mobile engagement has been seen in both PC and console games. As mobile devices become more practical as gaming platforms, Microsoft's presence on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS will be increasing. There is plenty the possibility that Microsoft is thinking of combining the cross platform SDK with streaming services like Project xCloud to further enhance the presence of Xbox on mobile.

Microsoft launches "Project xCloud", a service that allows players to stream games at any time from any device - GIGAZINE

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