"Windows Bridge for iOS" that makes it easy to port iOS applications to Windows

ByKeng Susumpow

A demonstration demonstration was held at Microsoft's event · Build 2015Easily port applications for iOS to Windows 10What "Project Islandwood" can do "Windows Bridge for iOS"Was released early version.

Windows Bridge for iOS: Let's open this up | Building Apps for Windows

Open Sourcing the Windows Bridge for iOS | Building Apps for Windows

Microsoft / WinObjC · GitHub

"Windows Bridge for iOS" (WinObjC) is an open source project by Microsoft. It supports Objective-C which is the development language of iOS application in Visual Studio.

Although one achievement is "One application for iOS runs on Windows", it is said that the goal of iOS application developers is to make use of the existing code and knowledge as much as possible to develop a wonderful Windows application about.

What you need to use WinObjC is Windows 10Visual Studio 2015.

Incidentally, the operating environment of "Windows Bridge for web apps" (Project Westminster) also announced by Build 2015 is also Windows 10 + Visual Studio 2015.

There is also "Windows Bridge for Android" (Project Astoria) which can easily port Android application for Windows, but at the moment it is a technical preview version available only to invited users. Every week, multiple developers are invited and beta releases are scheduled around autumn.

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