What is the next major Windows update "Redstone" coming in 2016?

Next Windows OS "Windows 10" will be released in the summer of 2015We have already decided that the next major update is scheduled for 2016NeowinIt reports. The code name of the big update in 2016 is "Redstone"is.

Redstone: The codename for the next Windows update coming in 2016

Windows Redstone will come by two waves, June and October 2016

According to Neowin, Microsoft is already looking at the next major update of Windows 10, and it seems that the code name is named "Redstone". As for Redstone, Microsoft said it will be implemented in two stages, according to Neowin, the first major update in June 2016, the second major update in October 2016 . However, since Microsoft announced that "we will update the OS at a faster pace than Windows 10," Redstone is expected to be the default route update along this trend.

Also, considering that Windows 10 will be a major turning point, such as adopting a universal application common to PCs, smartphones, tablets and gaming machines, enabling cross platform crossing, Redstone is relatively new rather than a new version of Windows It is expected to remain in big update and will be automatically distributed as Windows Update to Windows 10 users.

However, as Redstone is a big update beyond the general Windows Update,CortanaYaSpartanIt seems that we can expect to add a completely new function following.

The codename Redstone isThe popular game "Minecraft" which Microsoft acquired over 200 billion yenItems that appear in "Redstone (Redstone)It is not hard to imagine that it comes from.

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