Succeeded in developing "Aluminum Battery" capable of fully charging in just 60 seconds

Lithium-ion batteries are used all over the world from mobile terminals such as smart phones and tablets to electric cars, but they are faced with the problem of size and weight, the dangers of ignition and explosion. Researchers all over the world are searching for an effective alternative to lithium ion batteries, but the research team at Stanford University is developing a "lithium ion battery" that has superior charging speed, durability, manufacturing cost,Aluminum battery (aluminum ion battery)Succeeded in the development of.

Aluminum battery from Stanford offers safe alternative to conventional batteries

Flexible aluminum battery charges fast, stable for over 7,000 cycles | Ars Technica

You can see where you are turning on the LED light and charging the smartphone with aluminum battery from the following movie.

New aluminium-ion battery from Stanford - YouTube

The silver sheet in the picture below is an aluminum battery, consisting of aluminum anode and graphite cathode. A research team led by Professor Hongjie Dai of Stanford University who succeeded in development announces that aluminum batteries can be replaced with existing lithium ion batteries or alkaline batteries.

It is a flexible battery that uses ionic liquid for electrolyte, there is no danger of igniting even if it is bent with gentle while energized. It can be a safe solution for smartphone's lithium-ion battery, which often causes ignition and explosion.

When power was supplied by connecting to a smartphone, charging started without any problem. Lithium-ion battery starts to degrade with about 1,000 charge / discharge cycles, but the aluminum battery did not shrink electric capacity etc even when charging and discharging about 7500 times.

Experiments to drill holes in a powered aluminum battery as a safety test are also conducted, but the temperature of the battery does not rise suddenly and excellent safety has been demonstrated. At this stage, the allowable amount per aluminum battery is about 1 dry battery, but it can be fully charged in about 60 seconds. As manufacturing costs can be kept at a very low price, if it is put to practical use in the future, there is a possibility that it may be replaced with a lithium-ion battery, for example, "Smartphone that can be bent quickly" can be realized.

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