What is the strategy and actual situation of the grand "One Windows" platform concept where the same one application moves as it is on Windows 10, smartphone, Xbox One, IoT, etc.?

Microsoft is planning to implement it on Windows 10 "Universal applicationOutline of "holding in BarcelonaMobile World CongressWe announced at. The universal application enables development of applications commonly used on multiple platforms such as Raspberry Pi 2, as well as PCs and smart phones, game machines such as Xbox One, etc. In the future "th Internet (IoT) It is also the core of a big concept that includes even up to.

A first look at the Windows 10 universal app platform

Microsoft demos Windows 10 apps running on Xbox One | The Verge

Microsoft shows off Spartan on Windows 10 for Phones

At the Mobile World Congress, Microsoft's Kevin Gallo demonstrated applications that work in common on PCs, smartphones, and Xbox One, a game console, and showed the operation image of the universal application.

In conventional application development, it was necessary to develop individual applications for PCs such as Windows and for smartphones, but in a universal application that develops using common runtime and Visual Studio, it was developed in one development It will be possible to create applications that run on multiple platforms. This means that as an image, only a single source file is created when creating a web page, and the display can be changed flexibly according to the platform to be displayedResponsive designIt is considered to be close to.

In Microsoft, this universal application is not limited to just a "convenient application that can be commonly used by multiple terminals", but also announced a concept as a platform to support future ubiquitous society. This is based on a single core that the company has been advocating for "One WindowsIt is to embody the platform.

Mr. Gallo also introduced a new browser "Windows"SpartanIt also announces that it is a universal application. On the Mobile World Congress' s seat, the display screen of "Spartan" running on the smartphone is revealed.

Furthermore, in the preview version of Windows 10 expected to be released in March 2015, a new browser "Spartan" will be installed and it seems that it will be able to actually use it. Currently still tentative "Spartan" is a browser that has been completely redesigned from the conventional Internet Explorer (IE), it is released from the binding of the legacy code included in IE, so it works fast, Consumption is expected to decrease as well.

Microsoft's next Windows 10 preview will include the Project Spartan browser | The Verge

It seems that the universal application which is likely to be a platform that exceeds the concept of application development and utilization so far including "Spartan" will be debut. The construction of the universal application is also described on the following Microsoft page.

Universal application - Windows application development

By developing an application for Windows devices using integrated Windows runtime and VS tools, you can support a unique experience for each device with XAML, HTML, and DirectX, and can convert C ++, C #, or JavaScript You can share code that supports such experiences on all the devices you use.

At Microsoft, the developer conference scheduled for April "Build Developer ConferenceIt is said that details will be announced with "It is believed that application development will be available by around the summer.

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