The start button resumes with the new UI of "Windows 10", looking like this in a movie like this

Microsoft held a press event on September 30, 2014, announcing the next Windows OS. Name is "Windows 9" by the way and "Windows 10(Windows Ten) "has become clear. It is named "10" because it is a "comprehensive platform" that integrates PCs, mobile terminals, terminals for IoT, TV, etc., not on the extension of the existing OS so far, and further dealing with the cloud The UI (user interface) of the new OS is like this.

Introducing Windows 10 - the best Windows yet - YouTube

Let's introduce 'Technical preview of Windows 10 (Evaluation version for developers)', said Vice President Joe Belfiore.

Technical preview will be available on October 1, 2014 (local time) can download at. Technical preview is updated every day, and user feedback is reflected in the product version.

On Windows 10, the "start button" is reviving as expected. By default the button position is lower left as before.

The start button has become like this 2 pane. The left side is a familiar specification in PC version Windows as before.

On the other hand, the right side looks like the Windows 8 start screenModern UIA style where applications stand side by side. In other words, it combines the desktop version and the mobile version at the start button stage.

Of course, Windows applications can be used not only on mobile terminals compatible with touch operation but also on PC version.

The screen of the Windows store is also not only full screen display easy to use on the mobile terminal ......

Since you can handle the application as a window, it can be scaled up and used.

Of course there are also "Minimize" "Maximize" "Close" button as it is a window.

Windows 10 is good at multitasking. "Task view button" which can display open windows in a list is carried.

When you click the task view button, the task being started is tiled and displayed like this, and you can easily switch the application simply by clicking.

The task view screen itself is also a window so it can be displayed in split size on the screen like this.

Windows 10snapYou can easily divide the screen into 4 using the function.

And, under the task view, it has a multi-desktop function that can save the desktop. Working is improved by using multiple desktop screens differently.

Unlike Windows 8, which was forced to use the PC version as a result of forcibly making the PC version mobile, such as discontinuing the start button or disabling the application as a window, as long as you see the movie, Windows 10 works well with the mobile terminal's UI elements on the PC version Impression that it is taking in.

Windows 10 is a local time to publish a technical preview version from October 1, 2014 to reflect feedback from usersWindows Insider ProgramWe plan to start commercialization within 2015.

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