Ebola hemorrhagic fever infection patient was confirmed for the first time in the USA, now under isolated condition

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Raging in West Africa region,29 infected patients escapeI do not show signs that the case to happen will still fitEbola bleeding out feverHowever, the existence of infected patients who are the first in Africa other than Africa has been confirmed in the United States.

Ebola case in Dallas confirmed by CDC, first diagnosis in U.S. | Dallas Morning News

CDC confirms first Ebola case diagnosed in US

Infection was confirmed in West Africa, one of the spreading areasLiberiaTexas adult male who was visiting, the name, age, detailed medical condition are not disclosed from the viewpoint of privacy. The man began to show the symptoms of Ebola hemorrhagic fever after returning home, and as a result of receiving an examination, the infection was confirmed. Currently it is severely isolated at the hospital in Dallas, Texas. In the past, confirmed cases were infection of staff who were engaged in medical care in the area where infection was spreading, but this time it is the first case that infections to other people have been confirmed I will.

America Disease Control CenterMr. Thomas Friedsen, director of the CDC, commented on the press conference for "It's the first case of infection confirmed outside of Africa." Until now, it has been confirmed that the infection has spread to the three countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, more than 6,500 people have been infected and over 3000 deaths have been confirmed.

ByEuropean Commission DG ECHO

About the possibility of future expansion Mr. Friedsen says "We definitely control Ebola's landing of the United States, so it will not spread to the United States."

According to a doctor, the man visits the aircraft on September 20 to visit the family living in the United States. Four days after the flight, signs of infection began to appear, and on September 26, two days after that, I visited the hospital for consultation. And two more days after the infection was confirmed on 28th, after that it is in an isolated environment. For reasons why it was not quarantined immediately after the first visit, "Ebola's symptoms are very similar to other diseases," explains Frederse. Passengers aboard the same airliner are not at risk of infection, but the persons who may have contacted the infected person since 20th September will be followed up by the authorities It is getting.

In the United States, two health care workers have been infected with Ebola bleeding fever in the country, and have returned home and are receiving treatment. Also, as a similar case, a disease that occurred in 2007 and similar to Ebola hemorrhagic fever "Marburg feverHe said that he has had a track record of treating patients with. The disease does not infect the air, it infects only by touching the body fluid of the patient who has symptoms. In order to prevent infection with Ebola hemorrhagic fever, regular hand washing is done, and when contacting the patient, wear gloves and prepare an environment not to touch the body fluid of the patient by going through a barrier such as a curtain It is valid.

ByEuropean Commission DG ECHO

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan has announced the measures against Ebola hemorrhagic fever on the following page, which states that there is "almost no possibility" of the epidemic in Japan, but since expansion is also confirmed in the US, always information It seems better to keep it as it gets.

Q & amp; A on Ebola hemorrhagic fever | Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Unlike Ebola hemorrhagic fever, such as influenza, it infects mainly by directly contacting the patient, and the epidemic region is limited to Africa, so the risk of infection of normal Japanese travelers locally is extremely low It is conceivable. In addition, considering from the medical system and the living environment in Japan, there is almost no possibility of Ebola outbreaks in Japan at the moment.

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