Significant update of Windows paint such as `` dark mode support '' and `` improvement of enlargement function ''

A program that allows you to try out the functions under development of Windows for free ・An update to

the paint app for Windows 11 has been delivered for Windows Insider (version 11.2304.17.0). This update adds a dark mode and screen enlargement features to Paint.

Updated Paint app for Windows 11 begins rolling out to Windows Insiders with dark mode and zoom improvements | Windows Insider Blog and-zoom-improvements/

The latest Paint app delivered with Windows Insider version 11.2304.17.0 added Dark Mode. By default Paint adapts to your system's theme settings, but you can turn Dark Mode on or off yourself in the settings.

The appearance of the paint application when dark mode is enabled is as follows.

Additionally, we've improved the zoom control to give you more flexibility in controlling how you view content on the canvas. Until now, although there was a slider, the enlargement/reduction ratio was fixed, but with the new paint, you can finely change the enlargement/reduction ratio with the zoom slider, and you can enlarge/reduce the screen at the default ratio. . Additionally, a new Fit to Screen option has been introduced to quickly optimize the zoom to fit the window size.

Below are the new zoom controls in Paint. It is displayed at the bottom right of the screen, and you can enlarge or reduce the screen by the magnification you input yourself other than the default magnification.

Also, the image properties dialog has been updated to match the background of the Paint app. Many accessibility and usability improvements have also been made to dialogs throughout the app. Additionally, support for access keys and keyboard shortcuts will be improved throughout the app to improve keyboard accessibility and productivity.

The access keys are displayed so that you can see 'which key can be used by pressing' each tool of the paint application as follows.

Please note that the paint app update was only deployed for Windows Insiders, so it will be a while before all Windows 11 users will be able to use this update.

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