A part of the new UI of the mail software 'Thunderbird' is released

In July 2023, the email software '

Thunderbird ', which is developed with open source, is scheduled to undergo a Supernova update including UI renewal. A new UI for the calendar function has already been released , but a new UI for the 'Folder Pane' has been released.

Thunderbird 115 Supernova Preview: The New Folder Pane

On the left side of Thunderbird's screen, there is a 'folder pane' where folders such as email inboxes and subscribed RSS feeds are lined up. In Thunderbird 115 with the Supernova update, the appearance of the folder pane has changed completely. It will be so.

At the top of the folder pane, there are buttons that allow you to execute 'Check new arrival' and 'Compose new mail' in one shot. Furthermore, by clicking the menu button on the upper left, you can customize the display format such as 'switch the layout of the mail display pane'.

In addition, 'Hide Local Folders' becomes easily executable. The development team said, ``Modern users have never used a 'local folder' and don't even know what it is. So we provided an easy option to show or hide the local folder.' says.

There is also an option to restore the original appearance, so it is a relief for old users who feel that the original UI is easier to use!

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