It turns out that the performance of the iPhone 14 Pro was significantly lower than the original plan

The ' iPhone 14 Pro ' that appeared in 2022 is equipped with the 'A16 Bionic chip' equipped with a 5-core GPU. However, according to the testimony of multiple Apple officials, ``At the beginning of the development of the iPhone 14 Pro, a higher performance GPU was planned, but a problem occurred during development and it was developed based on the previous generation GPU. It became clear that there was a situation to redo.

Inside Apple's War for Chip Talent — The Information

According to the overseas media The Information, which obtained information from multiple Apple officials, in the early stages of development of the iPhone 14 Pro, a high-performance GPU such as ray tracing support is planned, and the initial prototype of the GPU is based on software simulation. It has shown better performance than expected. However, the development of the prototype was stopped because it was found that the GPU could shorten the battery life of the iPhone 14 Pro and generate heat.

After all, the iPhone 14 Pro will have a GPU based on the GPU installed in the previous generation iPhone 13 series. As a result, the graphics performance of the iPhone 14 Pro was evaluated by various media as ``not much different from the previous generation''.

The Information describes the discontinuation of GPU development in the iPhone 14 Pro as ``an unprecedented failure in Apple's history,'' and one of the reasons for the development stagnation is that Apple's semiconductor division executives have been transferred to other companies one after another. I am pointing out some points.

Examples of transfers of executives in the semiconductor division are as follows. Apple hired Mike Filippo, who was in charge of CPU design at Intel, AMD, and Arm in 2019, but Filippomoved to Microsoft in 2022. In addition, Jeff Wilcox, who led the development of the high- performance SoC `` M1 ' ' installed in the MacBook series released after 2020, will also transfer to Intel in 2022.

Microsoft hires former AMD, Intel, Arm, Apple veteran CPU designers - GIGAZINE

There is also a case where an employee who led the development of semiconductors at Apple established a semiconductor-related venture company. For example, three former Apple employees, including Gerard Williams, founded the semiconductor company NUVIA in 2019. NUVIA is developing CPUs for servers, etc., and will be acquired by Qualcomm in 2021. Regarding this `` establishment of a venture company by former Apple employees '', Apple has filed a lawsuit saying `` Mr. Williams violated the employment plan '', and establishing a venture company in the same field while working for a technology company Attention is focused on whether it is judged to be legal.

Apple fights former employees in court over ``Can employees plan competing ventures while working?''-GIGAZINE

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