Summary of new information expected to be announced at Google I / O in 2022 such as 'Pixel 6a' 'Pixel Watch' 'Android 13'

The developer event ' Google I / O 2022 ' held by Google will be held online only from 10:00 on May 12, 2022 local time (2:00 on May 12, Japan time). Google I / O will also hold a dedicated session for developers, but the keynote on the first day will announce various new products and new features every year, and it seems that it will be announced at Google I / O in 2022. What are the new products and features? ”Is expected by various media.

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The Google I / O 2022 keynote, which has been held online for the second year in a row, is expected to announce hardware and software that will be released over the next year. Below are the things that various media are expecting or expecting to announce.

◆ 'Pixel Watch' of Google genuine smart watch
Google has long been rumored to be 'developing its own genuine smartwatch,' and has also made investments related to smartwatches. While there was a report that the Pixel Watch, which had been developed under the code name 'Rohan', will be released in 2022, it seems that Google is using it for testing internally in April 2022. It was reported that a 'prototype model of Watch' was found in a restaurant.

A photo of Google's genuine smart watch 'Pixel Watch' leaks and is found as a forgotten item in a restaurant --GIGAZINE

After that, it was confirmed that the trademark 'Pixel Watch' was applied to the US Patent and Trademark Office, and there was a leak regarding thespecifications and design of the Pixel Watch, so the Pixel Watch can be announced at Google I / O in 2022. It is believed to be highly sexual. Based on leak information so far, overseas media Phone Arena has a screen size of Pixel Watch that is almost the same as Samsung's Galaxy Watch 4 Classic , three colors of gray, black and gold, and a price of 300 to 400 dollars (about 30,000) It is pointed out that it will be between 9000 and 52,000 yen. It's unclear if the Pixel Watch will be available in the summer of 2022 or at the same time as the Pixel 7 around October 2022.

In addition, at Google I / O in 2021, Google announced that it will renew the software platform ' Wear OS ' for smart watches and build a new integrated platform in collaboration with Samsung. At the time of writing, only Samsung's Galaxy Watch 4 can use the latest version of Wear OS 3, but in 2022 Google I / O will expand the models that can be upgraded to Wear OS 3 and third-party apps. It is expected that announcements such as support will be made.

Google and Samsung integrate platform for smartwatch, improve power efficiency and performance-GIGAZINE

◆ Low-priced smartphone 'Pixel 6a'
Overseas media The Verge pointed out that Google has released the low-priced version of the genuine smartphone 'Pixel' ' Pixel 3a ' ' Pixel 4a ' ' Pixel 5a ' for the past three years, and in 2022 the 'Pixel 6' series It is expected that the low-priced version of 'Pixel 6a' will be released.

In the past low-priced version Pixel, 'the same camera as the high-end model + low-performance processor' was combined, but in overseas media such as Engadget, Pixel 6a is the opposite of the previous low-end model 'same as the high-end model' Claims that there is a possibility of a combination of 'processor + camera with low performance'. Like the Pixel 6, the Pixel 6a is equipped with Google's proprietary SoC 'Tensor', but the main camera is expected to be 12MP instead of the Pixel 6's 50MP.

In addition, since Pixel 6a passed the examination of the US Federal Communications Commission in April, it is possible that it will be shipped as early as May.

A device that seems to be 'Google Pixel 6a' has passed the examination of the Federal Communications Commission, and four models will be released at the same time-GIGAZINE

◆ Wireless earphone 'Pixel Buds Pro' with noise canceling function
Leaker Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) tweeted May 3rd that Google will release a wireless earphone called the 'Pixel Buds Pro.' The detailed specifications and price of 'Pixel Buds Pro' are unknown, but it is highly likely that it has a noise canceling function from the name 'Pro'. At the time of writing the article, the only genuine wireless earphones sold by Google are the ' Google Pixel Buds A-Series ', and it is natural to introduce a model in a higher price range, The Verge said.

◆ New 'Nest Hub' that can remove the screen like a tablet
Google announced the second generation model of the smart display 'Nest Hub' in March 2021, but it is also expected that 'a new Nest Hub that can remove the screen as a tablet will be announced somewhere in 2022' I am. However, since the range of 2022 is quite wide, it is unknown whether it will be announced at Google I / O in May.

◆ Folding device equipped with 'Android 12 L'
In March 2022, Google announced the mobile OS 'Android 12L' optimized for folding smartphones and tablets. Android 12L is scheduled to be released for Samsung, Lenovo, and Microsoft terminals in the latter half of 2022, but there was a rumor that 'Google is working on the development of folding devices', so Google with Google I / O It seems that the possibility that a genuine folding device will be announced is not zero.

◆ Latest mobile OS 'Android 13'
As Google has previously announced new Android user features on Google I / O, it is expected that Android 13 features will be announced on Google I / O in 2022. Since Android 13 developer previews and public beta versions have already been released, 'QR code scanner shortcuts' 'Notification of apps that consume a lot of battery in the background' 'Ability to switch languages for each app' It is reported that there are functions such as, but the announcement at Google I / O is awaited for the overall vision.

The first public beta version of 'Android 13' has started, with new elements such as privacy function and language setting for each application --GIGAZINE

◆ Update of Google software and services
The Google I / O keynote is expected not only to announce new hardware and platforms, but also to update existing Google software and services. Google's software is extensive and it's hard to predict the topics that will be announced at the 2022 Google I / O, but The Verge sees the software suite Google Workspace as likely to stand out, and Tom's Guide says. We expect to announce new features for Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Chrome.

◆ Surprise project
Google I / O may present not only typical product announcements, but also ambitious and surprising project announcements. For example, at Google I / O in 2021, a project called 'Project Starline' was announced to develop a communication tool that makes people in remote areas feel like they are actually talking face-to-face, which surprised people. .. Google I / O in 2022 may also announce an early dream-filled project.

Google announces 'Project Starline' to develop a 'magic mirror' that makes you feel as if you are actually talking face-to-face even if you are far away --GIGAZINE

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