Twitter's 'tweet editing function' may leave tweets before editing as history

Twitter has announced that it will provide the ability to edit tweets for the paid service ' Twitter Blue '. It is reported that this tweet editing function may display 'tweet editing history' so that you can see how you have edited tweets in the past.

Twitter's upcoming edit feature may keep track of tweet history --The Verge

Basically, you can only leave or delete tweets once posted on Twitter, and you cannot edit the contents after posting. Therefore, it has long been expected to implement a tweet editing function . Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter and CEO of the company until 2021, also said that he has continued to consider the editing function of tweets, but in 2019, `` Twitter was originally based on SMS and text messages. It is an SNS built on the Internet, and the posted tweets are immediately sent to the world so that the sent message cannot be edited, so it is a mechanism that can not be edited. ' He said that it was technically difficult to implement the tweet editing function.

However, after that, Twitter announced Twitter Blue, which will be a paid service. In addition, it announced that it plans to release a 'tweet editing function' as one of the functions for Twitter Blue in the future.

Finally, Twitter announces 'tweet editing function', first to test with paid plan 'Twitter Blue' --GIGAZINE

At the time of article creation, it is a tweet editing function that has not yet started testing, but Jane Manchun Wong, who has obtained various latest information by reverse engineering Twitter, said, 'In the tweet editing function,'Tweet's 'Editing history' may remain. ' According to Mr. Wong, 'The function to edit a tweet is not to edit the text in the same tweet, but to post a new tweet with the changed text and display the original tweet before editing as a history together. It seems like '.

In other words, since the edit history of the tweet will be shown to all users, in the case of an edited tweet, it will be possible to check 'what the original tweet was like'. However, it is unclear how this 'tweet edit history' will be shown to users. Some critics have pointed out that if 'tweet edit history' is added to Twitter, misunderstandings may spread to users.

App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi also tweeted an image of a screenshot that seems to be a tweet editing function. According to the screenshot posted by Paluzzi, the tweet editing function is added as a button called 'Edit Tweet' in the menu button on the upper right of the tweet. However, it's unclear how the history will look, as this screenshot doesn't include options such as displaying the edit history of the tweet.

When overseas media The Verge contacted Twitter, the answer was 'There is currently no information that can be shared about the editing function of tweets other than tweets by Jay Sullivan, head of the consumer product division of Twitter, and Twitter Comms.' It seems to be.

In addition, Twitter's reply 'Jay Sullivan's tweet' is 'We are looking for a way to build a tweet editing function in a safe way from 2021, and we will test it in the Twitter Blue lab within the next few months. We're going to get started. We'll share some more insights into what we think about editing. '

Another 'Twitter Comms Tweet' is 'What everyone wants now ... Twitter has been working on tweet editing since 2021! However, polls didn't give us any ideas. We plan to start testing in the Twitter Blue lab within the next few months to verify and learn what works and what doesn't, 'both of which have' tweet editing capabilities in the near future. ' The details of the function are not mentioned, with the intention that the test will start.

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