Finally Twitter announces 'tweet editing function', first to test with paid plan 'Twitter Blue'

Twitter has revealed that it is working on a feature that allows you to edit tweets once posted, and announced that it will be implemented exclusively for users of the paid subscription plan '

Twitter Blue '.

On April 1, 2022 Pacific Standard Time, the official Twitter account tweeted a short sentence , 'We are working on the edit button.' This tweet was questioned from the posting date, such as 'Is it an extension of April Fool's Day?', But on April 6th, I told you that the Twitter communication team is working on the editing function again.

From the short GIF video posted by the communication team, you can see that the tweet menu screen has new functions such as 'Delete' and 'Fix Tweet', as well as 'Edit Tweet'.

The ability to edit posted tweets later has been under consideration since 2013.

Considering the introduction of a function that allows Twitter to edit tweets later --GIGAZINE

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However, since it is difficult to modify tweets that flow in real time, in 2020, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey revealed that 'I considered the tweet editing function, but gave up implementing it.' did.

'You probably won't be able to edit tweets later on Twitter,' asserts Twitter CEO Dorsey-GIGAZINE.

According to the communication team, it has been working on the development of editing functions since 2021, and it is scheduled to be provided by Twitter Blue, which is a paid plan with a monthly billing system, by the end of 2022. It is unclear at the time of writing the article how Twitter has cleared the issue of 'balance with real-time performance' that has been challenged many times.

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