Elon Musk has developed a ``special system to increase the number of times his tweets are displayed''

There are two types of Twitter timelines, 'Recommended' and 'Following', but from around February 13, 2023 , 'A lot of Elon Musk's tweets will be displayed in 'Recommended'. The phenomenon of 'ta ' has been reported all over the world. Newly, overseas media Platformer reports that `` Mr. Mask was making a special system to increase the number of times his tweets were displayed ''.

Yes, Elon Musk created a special system for showing you all his tweets first

Starting in December 2022, Twitter will allow anyone to see how many times each tweet has been viewed . Mr. Mask seems to be very interested in this `` number of tweets displayed '', and in February 2023, ``I was not satisfied with the decrease in the number of tweets displayed, and dismissed the employee who pointed out that his influence had decreased. It is also reported that the shocking reality of 'I did.

Earon Mask dismissed a Twitter engineer who explained that ``your attention has fallen'' because he was not satisfied with the decrease in the number of tweets displayed-GIGAZINE

by Daniel Oberhaus

According to Platformer, after the above-mentioned employee dismissal uproar, Mr. Mask told the internal development team, ``If the problem of the number of impressions is not resolved, everyone will lose their jobs,'' and about 80 people said, `` It has been incorporated into the team to deal with the problem of tweet display count.

Twitter's 'recommended' timeline displays a mixture of 'posts from users you follow' and 'tweets you don't follow, but which Twitter judges to be 'superior posts'.' Mr. Musk's tweets were supposed to fall under the category of 'excellent posts,' but after the development team analyzed the situation, it became clear that Mr. Musk's posts were only showing half of the original estimates. .

As a countermeasure for the above problem, the development team has modified Mr. Mask's tweets to rank them as 'highest ranked tweets'. As a result, a phenomenon occurred in which Mr. Mask's tweets were often displayed on the timeline. In addition, the above response is called 'power user multiplier' in the company, but the target person is only Mr. Mask, and in effect, Mr. Mask's dedicated tweet display increase system has been built. That's what it means.

Due to the response of the development team, the number of tweets displayed by Mr. Mask increased from around February 13, 2023. For example, the following tweet has been displayed 150 million times at the time of article creation.

For reference, the following tweet by former US President Barack Obama, who has 130 million followers, more than Mr. Mask, has been viewed 15.9 million times. When you compare the number of tweets displayed by Mr. Mask and Mr. Obama, Mr. Mask's abnormal number stands out.

In addition, Mr. Mask tweeted on February 14, 2023, ``I will adjust the algorithm, so please wait a moment,'' but it is not clear what ``adjustment of the algorithm'' means. .

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