It is reported that Twitter's 'Recommended' timeline is full of Elon Mask's tweets and replies

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Twitter has two types of timelines to display on the home screen: ``For You'' and ``Following''. It is reported that only the tweets of Elon Musk CEO are displayed. It has been pointed out that Mr. Mask's tweets are also displayed on the timeline of users who do not follow the account.

Twitter is just showing everyone all of Elon's tweets now - The Verge

Twitter Feeds Suddenly Flooded With Elon Musk Tweets and Only Musk Tweets

There are two types of Twitter timelines: 'Following', which displays tweets from the accounts you follow in chronological order, and 'Recommended', which displays tweets recommended by an algorithm. In 'recommendation', tweets that match the user's interests are preferentially displayed, but it is reported that many tweets and replies from Mr. Mask will be displayed in this 'recommendation' from around February 13, 2023. . In addition, Mr. Mask's tweets and replies are also displayed on some accounts that do not follow Mr. Mask on Twitter.

The display of Mr. Musk's tweets comes just days after it was reported that Mr. Musk fired an engineer who was dissatisfied with the decline in his tweet views and explained that 'you're just getting less attention.' ``Twitter engineers work hard not to get fired,'' quipped Taylor Lawrence of the Washington Post.

Mr. Mask said on February 12, 2023, ``We made changes to fix Twitter visibility issues,'' and was overloaded when he tweeted, up to 95% of his tweets. It reveals that it has not reached the user.

News media The Verge said, ``I don't know if many of Mr. Mask's tweets have been displayed due to the change on February 12, 2023, but the work of Twitter engineers has increased the number of views of Mr. Mask's tweets. We hope Twitter will fix this issue soon, unless it means increasing the number of users.'

In addition, news media CNET commented on Mr. Musk's tweets being prioritized, ``It is not clear why this is happening, and a Twitter spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment. I did.”

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