Fixed Twitter to default to the last viewed timeline, so you don't have to switch from 'Recommended' to 'Following' every time

Twitter has two types of timelines displayed on the home screen, ``For You'' and ``Following'', but with the change on January 11, 2023, the default display is ``Recommended''. Because it has become, users who usually use 'following' have voiced strong criticism. And on January 24, 2023, Twitter reported that the web version will be modified to display the 'last viewed timeline' by default, and will soon be reflected in the iOS and Android apps.

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Twitter's bringing back your default timeline — hopefully for good, this time

Twitter Ends Making Algorithmic 'For You' Tab The Default

There are two types of Twitter timelines: 'Following', which displays tweets from the accounts you follow in chronological order, and 'Recommended', which displays tweets recommended by the algorithm in non-chronological order. 'Recommended' prioritizes tweets that match the user's interests, but because they are not in chronological order, you may miss tweets from users you follow, and tweets from accounts you do not follow may also be mixed. There are a lot of Twitter users complaining about this because it's cumbersome.

On January 11, 2023, Twitter announced that it will be possible to switch between two timelines with a swipe. However, as a result of this change, the default display became 'recommended', which resulted in increased effort for users who normally use 'following' to switch tabs every time.

It turns out that 'recommended' is fixed to the default on Twitter's timeline - GIGAZINE

Many users complained that changing the default display to 'recommended' was worse, so Twitter's CEO Elon Musk decided that the timeline displayed in the next update would not return to 'recommended'. I promised to fix it.

And on January 24th, Twitter will record whether the last viewed timeline is 'Recommended' or 'Following', and the next time you open it, the 'Last viewed timeline' will be displayed. announced that it did. At the time of writing the article, this fix is only reflected in the web version, but it will be reflected in the iOS and Android apps soon.

As soon as I checked it on the web version of Twitter, after closing the tab or browser with 'Following' open, when I opened the Twitter home screen again, 'Following' was displayed instead of 'Recommended'. was

Twitter has repeatedly attempted to default to a system that displays algorithmically recommended tweets to users, each time withdrawing after user backlash. In March 2022, a new function was introduced in which the 'Home' tab, which shows top tweets, was displayed first, but users who wanted to see the latest timeline criticized that it was 'corrupted' one after another, and there were only a few. I was forced to withdraw in 4 days.

A new feature that became a hot topic on Twitter as 'improved' was rewound in just a few days and returned to the previous state - GIGAZINE

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