Scientists warn that the doomsday clock will be ``90 seconds left'' until the extinction of mankind and ``humanity will face an era of unprecedented crisis''

The hands of the `` Doomsday Clock '', which indicates the remaining time until the extinction of mankind , have been advanced to ``90 seconds'' until midnight (= crisis of human extinction). This is the first update in three years since 2020 when it was advanced to '100 seconds to go'.

Current Time - 2023 - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

2023 Doomsday Clock Announcement-YouTube

Scientists set Doomsday Clock closer to midnight than ever before

The 'Doomsday Clock' was created in 1947 to convey the threat to humanity and the earth, and started with '7 minutes left'. In 1953, the United States conducted a hydrogen bomb test, shortening it to ``2 minutes'', but in 1963, the United States and the Soviet Union signed a partial nuclear test ban treaty to ``12 minutes''. In 1991, the end of the Cold War was 17 minutes, the longest grace period ever.

However, since then, the hands of the clock have always moved only in the direction of reducing the remaining time, and in 2020, ``humanity continues to face two existential crises, nuclear war and climate change,'' and said, ``100 more.'' It was set to 'seconds'.

This time, the reason why it was shortened by 10 seconds to ``90 seconds left'' is that the risk of using nuclear weapons in Russia's invasion of Ukraine is increasing, and the lockdown was carried out as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus. It is pointed out that the carbon dioxide emissions that had been decreasing in 2016 are increasing again and the risk of climate change is increasing.

``We live in an unprecedented and dangerous time, and the Doomsday Clock reflects that reality,'' said Rachel Bronson, CEO of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.

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