Elon Musk announced that ``I will resign as soon as there is a stupid person who takes on Twitter's CEO,'' and plans to operate a ``software and server team'' after resigning

Elon Musk, who acquired Twitter and became CEO , asked users in a questionnaire whether he should resign as CEO. In this survey, many people were in favor of CEO retirement, but Mr. Mask said in response to this, 'If there is a stupid person who takes over Twitter's CEO, I will resign immediately.'

Elon Musk Confirms He'll Resign as Twitter CEO After Successor Found - Bloomberg

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Musk's hunt for a new Twitter CEO has been ongoing

Mr. Mask, who has entrusted important decisions about Twitter's operation to users in a questionnaire format, conducted a questionnaire on December 19, 2022 asking ``whether or not you should quit Twitter's CEO.'' Did.

Elon Musk is conducting a two-choice questionnaire ``Should I quit Twitter's CEO?'' Until the night of December 19, 2022-GIGAZINE

The results of the survey showed that more than half (57%) were in favor of Mr. Mask's resignation as CEO. However, Mr. Mask's supporters have said that ``voting is done by bots'' and ``voting rights should be limited to Twitter paid members'', and he also responded in agreement with these opinions. rice field.

Elon Mask's Twitter CEO retirement vote reached a majority in favor of retirement, but Elon Mask agrees with the opinion that ``voting is by bot'' and ``voting rights should be limited to Twitter paying members''-GIGAZINE

Mr. Mask, who had avoided making a statement about his own progress, said on his account on December 21, 2022, ``I will resign as CEO as soon as I find a stupid person to take over as CEO (of Twitter)! , just run the software and server team,' he tweeted, saying he would step down as CEO if a replacement was found.

In addition, CNBC's report reveals that Mr. Mask is actively looking for Twitter's new CEO, but points out that ``There is no essential change even if Elon Mask withdraws from Twitter's CEO.'' There is also

Some investors complained that there was no essential change even if Earon Mask retired from Twitter's CEO - GIGAZINE

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