Since Elon Musk stood at the top of Twitter, the number of followers of Trump campaign Republican lawmakers increased and the number of followers of Democratic lawmakers decreased


Daniel Oberhaus

In the weeks since Elon Musk bought Twitter, high-profile Republican lawmakers have gained more followers while Democrats have seen a decline, according to a Washington Post study. rice field.

Musk's Twitter takeover prompts gains for some high-profile Republicans - The Washington Post

Below is a graph that visualizes the transition of followers by picking up several lawmakers. The red line indicates Republican lawmakers, the blue line indicates Democratic lawmakers, and the horizontal axis shows the increase or decrease in the number of followers based on September 30, 2022. Looking at the graph, it can be seen that from October 28th to November 21st, when Mr. Mask acquired Twitter, many Democratic lawmakers lost followers, while Republican lawmakers gained many followers. increase. Among them, Senator Elizabeth Warren (Sen.) and Senator Bernie Sanders have lost more than 100,000 followers. On the other hand, Congressman Jim Jordan (Rep.) and Congressman Marjorie Taylor Green have gained more than 300,000 followers.

The Washington Post said, ``It's difficult to tell exactly why the number of followers fluctuates, and it's often affected by Twitter's ban on bot accounts all at once. Not everyone is a supporter of the person,' he said.

However, one can still read from this pattern that 'while tens of thousands of liberals have left the site, conservatives have joined or become more active, changing the demographics of the site under Mr. Musk's ownership.' It suggests that it may be changing, ”he said, saying that this change is consistent with the

trend in April 2022 when Mr. Mask first announced his intention to acquire Twitter.

According to the overall survey, Republican lawmakers gained an average of 8,000 followers, while Democrats lost an average of 4,000 followers.

Musk describes himself as 'politically moderate,' but according to The Washington Post, he sided with a site that accused Twitter's former executives of being biased toward conservatives. . Twitter has once permanently frozen the account of former President Donald Trump , and many conservative users who follow Mr. Trump have also been frozen. However, on the other hand, it has also been pointed out that ``There is no prejudice on Twitter, and there is only bias in user behavior.''

Mr. Musk has long said that he wants Twitter to be ``like a city square where everyone can say their opinion,'' and pointed out that former President Trump's account freeze was a mistake. For that reason, Mr. Mask, who acquired Twitter, conducted a questionnaire `` Should former President Trump be revived '' a few weeks after the acquisition, and actually unfrozen the account because the majority was in favor.

While advocating freedom of speech, Musk said, ``Don't become a free-spirited hellscape that can't be punished for anything Twitter says ,'' and doesn't specify bot accounts, spam accounts, or parodies. Spoofed accounts are showing a stance of setting strict regulations. However, Twitter, which has undergone a major change in the system, has spread hate speech by users exploring the line of ``how much hate speech can be tolerated?'' It is also reported that several advertisers have stopped placing ads due to the increase in impersonated accounts.

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