29.8% of WindowsXP users are thinking about migrating to Linux instead of Vista

It is not just a general user, it is a result only for users familiar with technology. As expected it is too early for ordinary users to move to popular on Linux ... ....

But the current situation that a considerable part of users who are skilled in technology is considering moving to Linux is unprecedented.

Details are as follows.
Seopher.com - 29.8% of XP users may move to Linux over Vista

First of all, why are we targeting users who are familiar with technology, since Linux is not included as a migration target unless they are such users ... ....

According to the survey results at the site above,

Upgrade from XP to Vista: 21.1%

Wait a while keeping XP: 38.6%

Change to Mac OS X: 10.5%

Change to Linux: 29.8%

As a result. It is always a questionnaire and voting that the population is biased, is this a sign of something ...?

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