It turns out that developers are interested in AI but continue to be skeptical, and 70% of developers are using or planning to use AI tools

An annual survey of developers by the coding Q&A site Stack Overflow has revealed that, continuing from March 2023, developers are interested in AI, but remain skeptical. . 70% of developers are already using AI tools or plan to use them in the future, but 3% of developers answered that they 'very trust' in AI, while 3% said they 'trust to some extent'. 39% of developers answered yes.

Developer sentiment around AI/ML

Stack Overflow survey finds developers are ready to use AI tools — even if they don't fully trust them - The Verge

More than 90,000 developers cooperated in the survey. The highest number of development careers was 26.53% for 5 to 9 years, 23.3% for 1 to 4 years, and 18.07% for 10 to 14 years.

For the first time, this year's annual survey included the question, ' Which AI search tool do you use the most? ' ChatGPT ranked first with 83.24%, Bing AI ranked second with 20.6%, and WolframAlpha ranked third with 13.36%.

Also, the question '

What is the most used AI development tool? ' The number of responses was 54.77% for GitHub Copilot, 2nd for Tabnine at 12.88%, and 3rd for AWS CodeWhisperer at 5.14%.

Regarding AI as a development tool, 29.4% answered that

they have not used it and have no plans to do so . Of the remaining 70%, 43.78% are already using it and 25.46% are planning to use it in the future.

As for the feeling of AI tools, 27.72% were “very favorable” and 48.56% were “favorable”, so nearly 80% of them had a good impression.

However, when asked about the accuracy of AI tools , 2.85% answered that they “strongly trust” and 39.3% answered “somewhat trust”, resulting in a little over 40%. On the other hand, 21.71% said they were “somewhat distrustful,” and “strongly distrustful,” with over 30% of respondents saying they were distrustful.


the position of AI tools one year from now , when asked to predict changes in multiple items such as code writing and project planning, more than half of the developers believe that some kind of change will occur. I understand.

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