GitHub survey reveals that 92% of developers love AI coding tools

With the emergence of text generation AI that can also write code and the coding support tool ``

GitHub Copilot '', the work of developers who code is becoming more efficient. A survey conducted by GitHub through a research agency revealed that 92% of developers use some form of AI coding tool.

Survey reveals AI's impact on the developer experience | The GitHub Blog

Surprise! GitHub finds 92% of developers love AI tools • The Register

According to a survey of 500 developers who live in the United States and are enrolled in companies with more than 1,000 employees by Wakefield Research, a major research machine, 92% actually use AI coding tools at work and in private. It was found that 70% answered that they felt great benefits from using the tool.

Developers who responded to the survey said that AI coding tools help improve code quality, speed up output, and reduce production-level incidents. Specifically, 57% said it helps improve coding skills, 53% increases productivity, 51% builds/creates and iterates, and 41% prevents burnout.

Also, only 40% of the developers who were asked, ``Which aspect are you currently evaluating?'' answered ``code quality.'' Other responses included 34% for 'time to complete task', 34% for 'number of production incidents', 33% for 'number of lines of code written', and 33% for 'number of bugs and issues resolved'. %was.

Based on the above results, technology media The Register said, ``The respondents to the survey seem to think that code quality should not be given too much weight as a performance indicator. is the current trend,” he commented.

In addition to this, 81% of the surveyed developers believe that ``AI can be a means to enhance collaboration within teams and organizations,'' and teams using AI tools are more likely to perform code reviews, security reviews, It turns out that some people like to use it for planning, pair programming, and solution design.

GitHub concluded, ``Developer satisfaction, productivity, and organizational impact are all in a position to be boosted by AI coding tools, and will have a significant impact on the developer experience.''

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