A function 'GitHub Copilot' that automatically complements the 'continuation' of the source code has appeared on GitHub, with the cooperation of OpenAI

GitHub , a software development platform, has collaborated with OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research organization, to release a function 'GitHub Copilot ' that automatically complements the 'continuation' of the source code written halfway. GitHub programmer Nat Friedman describes GitHub Copilot as 'much better than GPT-3.'

GitHub Copilot · Your AI pair programmer

Introducing GitHub Copilot: your AI pair programmer | The GitHub Blog

GitHub Copilot is an extension for the source code editor ' Visual Studio Code' developed by Microsoft. It can be used on the machine or in the cloud as long as Visual Studio Code works. The following is using GitHub Copilot, and if you write the source code halfway ...

GitHub Copilot guesses the source code that follows and automatically inputs functions and return values.

If you write the logic in the comments ...

GitHub Copilot translates it into code.

In addition, it also has an automatic input function for repeatedly inputting similar coding patterns and a unit test execution function.

The feature understands a wide range of frameworks and dozens of programming languages, and works especially well with Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, and Go. Users can freely edit the code proposed by GitHub Copilot. In addition, GitHub Copilot will learn the edits made by the user and adapt them to the coding style.

GitHub Copilot uses the new AI system 'OpenAI Codex' created by OpenAI and trained with the published source code. When I measured the accuracy of completion for Python functions with GitHub Copilot, it was said that the correct answer was obtained with a probability of 43% in the first trial and 57% in the 10th trial.

GitHub said, 'It's most effective if you break the code into smaller functions, set meaningful parameters for the functions, and write the appropriate docstrings and comments,' he said. 'GitHub Copilot suggested. The code doesn't always work and may not make sense. The proposed code, like any other code, requires the user to responsibly test, review, and scrutinize it. ' I'm urging you.

GitHub Copilot is an extension of Visual Studio Code at the time of writing, and only the technical preview version is released. To register, log in to GitHub , access the official page , and click 'Sign up' ...

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Answer the questionnaire, check 'I accept the terms of use', and click 'Join the waitlist' to be added to the waitlist and wait in line.

When you're ready, you'll be notified to the email address you registered on GitHub.

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