3rd generation iPhone SE overseas review summary, cost performance is high and battery life is improved, but some functions such as night mode are limited

The 3rd generation iPhone SE was announced at a

new product launch event held by Apple on March 9, 2022. A review of the 3rd generation iPhone SE, which is equipped with the A15 Bionic chip on the body of the iPhone 8 and is compatible with 5G, has been published in various media, so I summarized it.

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Apple's announcement about the 3rd generation iPhone SE is summarized in the following article.

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The IT news site The Verge has the advantages of the 3rd generation iPhone SE: 'High performance with A15 Bionic', 'IP67 waterproof and dustproof quality', 'Long-term iOS update target', 'Affordable' 'Fair price', 'small and cramped 4.7 inch display' 'where the camera does not have a night mode' 'where the basic model has only 64GB of storage'.

Below is a photo taken with the 3rd generation iPhone SE camera (left) and a photo taken with Google's Pixel 5a (right), which can be compared by moving the slide bar in the center. Unlike the Pixel 5a, which can shoot in night mode, the 3rd generation iPhone SE can't shoot in night mode, so you can see that photos taken in dark places remain dark. The Verge says it's a shame that the night mode available on smartphones in the same price range, such as the Pixel 5a, Samsung's Galaxy A52 5G, and Motorola's Moto G Stylus 5G, isn't available on the 3rd generation iPhone SE.

On the other hand, the A15 Bionic chip has improved power efficiency, so even if you shoot movies or play games, the battery lasted for a day. The battery capacity of the 3rd generation iPhone SE was not announced at the time of writing, but The Verge evaluates that the battery life, which was a weak point of the 2nd generation iPhone SE, has been greatly improved.

The Verge said, 'If you need an affordable 5G-enabled device that you can use all day without worrying about the small screen over the next few years, you should buy the 3rd generation iPhone SE, however. If you're also considering switching to Android, the Pixel 5a, with its ultra-wide-angle camera and night-mode shooting and a 6.34 inch OLED display, has only a three-year warranty on software updates, but it's great. It's a smartphone. '

Techradar, a tech news site, has the advantages of the 3rd generation iPhone SE as 'high cost performance', 'affordable 5G support', and 'thin and light design' as the 'basic model'. The storage is 64GB, the screen is narrow, and the price is higher than the 2nd generation iPhone SE even though the power adapter and EarPods have been removed from the package.

Techradar also said that 'the battery lasted only 12 hours,' which is noteworthy given the A15 Bionic chip and 5G connectivity, but has a poorer battery life than the iPhone 13 series with the same A15 Bionic chip. I'm pointing out.

Regarding camera performance, Techradar evaluates that the camera of the 3rd generation iPhone SE is equipped with an optical image stabilization mechanism, and it is possible to take stable pictures without a tripod. Photos taken with a 12-megapixel f1 / 8 wide-angle rear camera are compatible with image processing by the A15 Bionic chip, smart HDR4, and

Deep Fusion , so 'take beautiful pictures, accurate colors, and beautiful pictures.' Can be done. ' Below is a photo taken by Techradar on a 3rd generation iPhone SE. With the A15 Bionic chip, the image processing power is definitely improved compared to the previous generation, but in addition to not supporting night mode, portrait mode does not work except for human faces. There are some restrictions on some functions.

Also, with the A15 Bionic chip, the 3rd generation iPhone SE can shoot movies up to 4K / 60fps, but Techradar said, 'On a 4.7-inch display with 1334 x 750 pixels, the resolution is clearly higher. It looks like it's falling. '

Techradar said, 'The camera of the 3rd generation iPhone SE does not support some functions of photography and video shooting such as night mode and cinematic mode, but it is sold at almost double the price of the competitor's middle. It is showing performance comparable to range-band smartphones. ' As a general comment, 'If you like the classical design with Touch ID and the small screen, the 3rd generation iPhone SE is recommended.'

The gadget review site Tom's Guide has almost the same evaluation as other sites, with the beauty of 'cost performance', 'design', 'compact and easy to use', 'small display for thick bezel', 'camera night mode'. 'I don't support it' is mentioned as a drawback. Furthermore, although it is compatible with 5G, it does not support

millimeter waves , which is also a fault.

Regarding the 4.7-inch LCD display, Tom's Guide evaluates that the color development is very good, although the small size and the upper and lower bezels are still annoying. According to Tom's Guide, the coverage rate of the sRGB color space was 114.7%, and the coverage rate of the DCI-P3 color space was 81.2%.

In addition, Tom's Guide publishes benchmark scores for the performance of the 3rd generation iPhone SE. The CPU score of

Geekbench 5 was 1718 for single core and 4482 for multi-core. This is almost the same as the iPhone 13 with the same A15 Bionic. Considering that the score of Pixel 5a equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 765G in the same price range was 569 for single core and 1595 for multi-core, it can be said that the cost performance of the 3rd generation iPhone SE is quite high. Also, in 3DMark Wild Life , which is a graphics benchmark application, the 3rd generation iPhone SE recorded 50 fps at the maximum frame rate, and the score was 8352. According to Tom's Guide, the amount of RAM installed in the 3rd generation iPhone SE is 4GB.

Regarding the battery, when 'continuous web browsing with 5G connection with a screen brightness of 150 nits' was performed, it seems that the continuous usage time of the 3rd generation iPhone SE was 9 hours and 5 minutes. Under the same conditions, the continuous use time of Pixel 5a is 9 hours and 45 minutes, and the battery life has increased to Pixel 5a. In addition, Tom's Guide reports that it was possible to charge up to 61% in 30 minutes using a genuine 20W Apple AC adapter.

Tom's Guide says, 'The design of the 3rd generation iPhone SE with a 4.7-inch display and thick upper and lower bezels is classic and looks like a throwback. Google's Pixel 5a has a larger display, can use night mode, and has a battery. If you don't care about Apple's ecosystem, the Pixel 5a is better, but the 3rd generation iPhone SE has better performance. '

Like the reviews on other sites, Mashable, an IT news site, has the same merits as 'equipped with the same A15 Bionic as the iPhone 13,' 'thin and light,' and 'improved battery life.' The disadvantages are that it cannot be used, that it is more expensive than the previous generation model, and that the display is small and outdated.

Mashable says it's very disappointing that the 3rd generation iPhone SE doesn't have a night mode, as mentioned in other media. However, if it is dark to some extent, it is possible to shoot beautifully enough even if it is not in night mode. Below are photos taken outdoors by Mashable at night.

Mashable says, 'If you already have a 2nd generation iPhone SE, you probably don't need to upgrade. If you're using the original iPhone SE, you should buy a new one.' 'The 3rd generation iPhone SE is small, simple and It's an attractive option for those who want a powerful smartphone and don't plan to replace it often. However, the iPhone 11 with the A13 Bionic processor is also in view in terms of 'large display and ability to shoot in night mode.' It needs to be included. '

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