Summary of overseas reviews of Google genuine smartphone 'Pixel 6a' in the 50,000 yen range, what is the ability of smartphones equipped with the same SoC 'Google Tensor' as the high-end model?

In July 2022, Google released the genuine Google smartphone ' Google Pixel 6a ' equipped with Android. Overseas media are one after another about the Pixel 6a equipped with the original SoC '

Google Tensor ' similar to the high-end models 'Pixel 6' and 'Pixel 6 Pro' that appeared in 2021 while the price range is in the 50,000 yen range. I published a review on Google, so I summarized it.

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The Pixel 6a is positioned as a low-priced version of the Pixel 6/6 Pro that appeared in 2021, and the selling price in the United States is 449 dollars (about 62,000 yen), and the selling price in Japan is 53,980 yen. increase. You can read the following reviews to find out more about the usability and performance of the Pixel 6/6 Pro.

Thorough verification of the ability of Google's soul SoC 'Tensor' by benchmark measurement of Pixel 6 & Pixel 6 Pro actual machine, check the usability of 'Magic Eraser' and fingerprint authentication --GIGAZINE

A review of Google's use of the Pixel 6 Pro's camera, which it claims to be 'the most advanced in Pixel history'-GIGAZINE

The look of the newly launched Pixel 6a can be seen in the photos taken by Ars Technica. Like the Pixel 6/6 Pro, it uses an organic EL display, and the size of the display is 6.1 inches. The Pixel 6 is 6.4 inches, the Pixel 6 Pro is 6.7 inches, and the Pixel 6a is a little smaller than the higher-end models, but it is considerably larger than the 4.7 inches of the iPhone SE. In addition, the fingerprint reader is installed at the bottom of the display as well as the high-end model, and the SoC also adopts the same Google Tensor as the high-end model. The water resistance is IP67 , which is not as good as the IP68 of Pixel 6/6 Pro, but it is said that 'the device will not be affected even if it is temporarily submerged in water'.

There is a camera bar on the back like the Pixel 6/6 Pro, but the thickness of the camera bar is shallower than the higher model. In addition, it is said that the back is made of glossy plastic that imitates glass, but Ars Technica writer Ron Amadeo said, 'The back is plastic, but it has become quite good for the best glass.' Stated.

9to5Google writer Ben Schoon also pointed out that the shiny plastic body of the Pixel 6a doesn't look cheap and helps reduce the weight of the body. 'The Pixel 6 Pro that I usually have in my pocket can sometimes be awkward, and even a regular Pixel 6 is a big and fairly heavy smartphone.' 'Google balances with the Pixel 6a. This is the first time I pick up my device. It's the first time you really understand it. It's light and moderate in size, but it's not too small. '

Amadeo of Ars Technica pointed out that the design of Google smartphones was inconsistent from the first Pixel to the Pixel 5 series, and it seemed to start over from scratch almost every year. However, the Pixel 6 series, including the Pixel 6a, and the Pixel 7 are 'a big step forward for Google's hardware,' as it can be seen that the hardware is consistent and clearly the same smartphone family. ..

This is the graph that Ars Technica measured the performance of Pixel 6a with the benchmark software 'Geekbench 5' and compared it with Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 5a, Galaxy S22 Ultra. Since it is equipped with the same Google Tensor, it performs as well as the Pixel 6 Pro in the benchmark. Amadeo says that Google Tensor itself isn't a big deal among flagship smartphones, as it's inferior to the Galaxy S22 Ultra compared in the graph, but it sells at a lower price than its competitors. Pointed out that it covers this.

Pixel 6a is equipped with the same Google Tensor as the high-end model in the SoC, and instead of adopting a 1080p organic EL display for the display, we are reducing costs by adopting a plastic body. The biggest downgrade is the '60Hz display,' said The Verge writer Allison Johnson. 'If you use a 120Hz smartphone for a while and then use a 60Hz smartphone, you'll definitely notice the difference.' .. It's hard to notice if you touch only the Pixel 6a, but the movement seems to be jerky compared to the 120Hz display. However, while many smartphones in the same price range use liquid crystal displays, he insisted that the richness of contrast due to the use of organic EL displays is good.

Also, the Pixel 6a has no wireless charging and no microSD slot. As for the glass that covers the display, the Pixel 6/6 Pro used the 'Gorilla Glass Victus' with a drop resistance of 2 meters, but the Pixel 6a has been downgraded to the 'Gorilla Glass 3'. In addition, it was talked about that the earphone jack was finally eliminated in Pixel 6a.

Google eliminates earphone jack from Pixel 6A after making fun of iPhone earphone jack abolition --GIGAZINE

Johnson points out that Samsung's Galaxy A53 5G , which sells for $ 449, the same as the Pixel 6a, will be a competitor in the United States. The Galaxy A53 5G is equipped with a 1080p organic EL display, has a refresh rate of 120Hz and a size of 6.5 inches, which is superior to the Pixel 6a in terms of display. However, regarding the processor, it is said that the Pixel 6a will be better off.

The camera has also been downgraded on the Pixel 6a. The Pixel 6 was equipped with a 50MP wide-angle camera and a 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera, and the Pixel 6 Pro was also equipped with a telephoto camera with 48MP pixels, but the Pixel 6a is equipped with a 12.2MP wide-angle camera. And 12MP super wide-angle camera. Also, the camera sensor is not the latest, and it is equipped with Sony IMX363 used from Pixel 3 that appeared in 2018.

But Johnson said, 'In reality, the new high-resolution sensor photos don't look dramatically better than the old camera photos.' 'The Pixel 6a photos look like ordinary Pixel smartphone camera photos.' He claims that if you like warm photos, you'll be better off with the Galaxy A53 5G, but if you like the slightly cooler white-balanced Pixel series of photos, you'll love the Pixel 6a.

In addition, the ' Face Unblur ' function, which corrects subject blurring that tends to occur in low-light photographs by machine learning, worked well, and it was said that the faces of children who were easy to move were captured firmly. There is no delay in the camera application, and it seems that Pixel 6a can shoot in portrait mode, which took 4 to 5 seconds to process one photo, with Pixel 6a at intervals of about 1 second. “This is far beyond what I expect from most middle-range smartphones, and Tensor certainly helps make a difference here,” Johnson said.

On the other hand, 9to5Google's Schoon has a rather strict view of camera performance, pointing out that the quality of photos and videos is certainly inferior to that of the Pixel 6/6 Pro. However, he also states that the 'eraser magic' function, which erases obstructive objects from photos, works well and is not a problem for general photography, so it should be sufficient for a middle-range smartphone.

The storage of the Pixel 6a is 128GB, so you can not choose the 256GB model like the Pixel 6. Also, the RAM was 8GB on the Pixel 6, but it's 6GB on the Pixel 6a. Although many reviews said the basic performance was fine, Schoon said, 'The Pixel 6a feels like a Pixel 6 in battery saver mode. The 60Hz display certainly makes the Pixel 6a feel a bit slower. One of the elements, but the main cause we found is RAM, especially RAM management. The Pixel 6a has 6GB of RAM, just like the previous Pixel 5a, but the editor-in-chief. Both Abner and I have noticed that smartphones tend to offload apps very quickly in the background, 'he said, disappointing that apps are offloaded in just a few minutes. I'm pointing out.

The battery has also dropped slightly from the Pixel 6's 4614mAh to 4410mAh, but both media say they have good battery capacity for a day's use. On the other hand, with the Pixel 6/6 Pro, there were various reactions depending on the media regarding the fingerprint sensor, which was often dissatisfied, but it seems that the mainstream view is that there was no significant improvement.

Many media cite Google's OS update period of three years, which is shorter than Apple's five years and Samsung's four years, but it is said that there are no other major drawbacks. 'At least in the US, there are processors that will blow away other Android smartphones in the same price range. The design is great, the camera is fine, and the price is right.' 'This is for anyone looking for an Android smartphone right now.' It's a device I can recommend. '

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