I tried touching Roland's 'V-02HD MK II', which allows easy video switching and composition and is easy to handle.

Roland's 'V-02HD', which is known as a compact and lightweight model that is unusual for a video mixer, has a pure power-up that supports USB STREAM output by changing the USB port to Type-C and increases the number of audio inputs to two. The version is Roland ' V-02HD MK II ' that appeared in September 2021.

Since it is equipped with a scaler and it is easy to use without worrying about the difference in resolution between the input source and output destination, I actually borrowed it and used it.

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◆ Product appearance
The outer box looks like this.

Included are the V-02HD MK II main unit, AC adapter, manual, etc.

The main body has screws protruding here and there. The dimensions are approximately 156 mm x 103 mm x 50 mm. It weighs 574g, which is light for a video mixer, but it feels heavier than the dimensions and appearance.

The heat dissipation port is open on the left side of the main body.

On the right side of the main unit, there are a power switch, two AUDIO IN terminals, a headphone volume control knob, and one PHONES terminal.

On the back side of the main unit, the ground terminal, DC IN terminal, USB STREAM (UBS Type-C) terminal, CTL / EXP terminal, PROGRAM OUT (HDMI) terminal x 2, INPUT (HDMI) terminal x 2 are lined up.

There is a screw hole in the center of the bottom.

◆ Connection
Before starting to use by connecting the video / audio source or output terminal, fix it with a cord hook so that the power cable will not come off.

Remove the screw near the PHONES terminal ...

Hold the power cable with the cord hook and tighten the screw again.

Next, we will connect various devices. To prevent malfunctions and failures, it is recommended that all connected devices be connected with the volume turned down and the power turned off.

After connecting the necessary equipment, turn on the power switch on the right side of the main unit.

When the button color changes, the startup is complete.

The video input / output settings this time are like this. HDMI input is connected to a laptop and Xbox Series X, and HDMI output is connected to two monitors. On the monitor, the left shows the preview image waiting to be displayed, and the right shows the image actually output by the program.In the current screen, the output is the desktop screen of the notebook PC, and the Xbox is the material. It means that you are waiting.

◆ I actually tried to operate the video
I actually tried various operations on the video with the V-02 HD MK II. What you can do is mainly 'video switching', 'video compositing', and 'applying effects to the video'.

First of all, I tried to switch the video using the screen of the notebook PC and the screen of the Xbox as the input source.

Video switching for Roland 'V-02HD MK II' (Video effect: Mix / Wipe) --YouTube

As for the indicator status of V-02 HD MK II before operation, the button on the red lit side shows the image during program output, and the button on the green lit side shows the preview image. Here, button [1] is the laptop desktop and button [2] is the Xbox screen.

While switching images with the fader, the two images are mixed, so both buttons are lit in red.

When the switch is complete, the button colors will switch.

The default application time of the video effect is '0.0 seconds', so it switches instantly when the button is pressed, but it can be changed in the settings.

Also, I tried to synthesize the video using two videos in the same way. 'Picture in picture' is to synthesize a sub screen on the background image, and 'key' is to make a part of the image transparent and combine it with the background image.

Roland 'V-02HD MK II' Video Compositing (Picture in Picture / Key) --YouTube

In the video, the word 'SAMPLE' that is prepared by default is used for 'key'. In addition to the 'luminance key' that is transparent to a black or white background, you can also perform the 'chroma key' that is transparent and composites blue or green.

You can also apply visual effects with the touch of a button. This is the video that I actually applied the 'WAVE' effect out of the effects.

I applied a visual effect (VFX) to the video with Roland 'V-02HD MK II' (effect: wave) --YouTube

In the example, 'WAVE' is applied, which is easy to see and understand, but there are many other effects available. To set the effect, first press the 'MENU' button on the main unit to open the setting menu.

Then, the menu will be displayed on the monitor on the preview video side. Select '7: VFX'.

The visual effect setting menu looks like this. The default setting is 'PART MOSAIC', so let's actually try it.

The effect is off when you open the Windows 10 control panel.

When the effect is turned on, a mosaic will be applied to a part like this.

Try lowering 'MIX LEVEL' from 255 to 200.

The effect was weakened and the original video was faintly displayed. The location of the mosaic can be adjusted for each of the vertical and horizontal axes.

Some of the other effects provided are like this. 'BACK GROUND MOSAIC' has a mosaic on the background except for the selected area.

'FULL MOSAIC' has a mosaic on the entire screen.

'WAVE' makes the image ruffle.

'RGB REPLACE' replaces colors. By default, blue is replaced with red.

'COLOR PASS' leaves a specific color to make a black-and-white image. By default, only dark blue remains.

'NEGATIVE' inverts brightness and saturation.

'FIND ED GES' extracts the contour.

◆ Output video / audio for streaming to PC
Up to this point, the source video and audio of the device connected to the V-02HD MK II via HDMI was output to the monitor connected to the V-02HD MK II via HDMI. This is OK if you want to switch at the time of the event, but unlike the previous model, the USB port of 'MK II' is USB Type-C, and streaming output to the PC is now possible.

On a PC connected via USB, you can record the video as it is or distribute it online by treating the V-02HD MK II as an input source device with distribution software such as OBS Studio. When I started OBS Studio on a PC that was actually connected via USB and opened the 'Video capture device' settings, I was able to select 'Roland V-02HD MK II'. At this time, I am happy that there is no need to install special drivers or software.

Since it can be set to the camera of a video call application such as Zoom, you can input the camera image of yourself and the image of the PC in 'V-02HD MK II' and show the material or the image when necessary. You can also use it conveniently for seminars and meetings.

Although omitted here, not only video but also audio can be operated, and there are quite a wide variety of items that can be set in detail.

Furthermore, if you install the iOS application 'AeroCaster Switcher', you can use an iPhone connected to Wi-Fi as an additional camera.

Roland Pro A / V --AeroCaster Switcher | iOS App


In addition, by using the iPad application 'V-02HD MK II Remote', you can change the settings remotely without touching the main unit or displaying it on the preview screen.

'V-02 HD MK II Remote' on the App Store

Anyway, the basic operation is simple and easy to understand, and the size of the main body is small and it is not a pain to carry it in a bag, so it is sure to be useful in various situations.

Roland 'V-02HD MK II' is sold for 49,500 yen including tax at the time of writing the article.

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