Anker's Bluetooth transmitter & receiver "Soundsync A3341" review that allows simultaneous sounds with up to two speakers

It is possible to switch between 'Transmitter mode' which can play music simultaneously with up to two Bluetooth speakers, and 'Receiver mode' which can receive voice of up to two Bluetooth-compatible terminals and send it to the speaker Yes Bluetooth transmitter & receiver "Anker Soundsync A 3341"Will appear on Friday, June 15, 2018. I tried using real thing that I got to the editorial department as to what kind of feeling the actual usability is like.

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You can check the playback of music with two Bluetooth speakers using Soundsync A 3341 in the following movie. The movie contains the state of playing each of the speakers connected this time and the state of playing the two at the same time, so you can confirm that there is no misalignment even when playing back at the same time.

I tried playing music simultaneously with two speakers using Soundsync A3341 - YouTube

◆ Appearance check
The package of Soundsync A 3341 is based on white and light blue.

Besides the main body, there was a booklet with Micro - USB cable for charging, AUX cable, optical cable, RCA cable, instruction manual, caution on use, contact inquiries written in the box.

The main body size is 70 mm × 70 mm, about half the size compared with iPhone 8.

The thickness is 22 mm and it is about 3 times the size of iPhone 8.

The weight was measured 51 g.

There is a power button on the front of the main unit, and there is an LED that displays the battery, status, etc. in the middle of the button.

On the side there is a switch button between the transmitter (TX: transmit) mode and the receiver (RX: receive) mode, and in the shipping state it was set to the transmitter mode.

On the back, there are AUX input port, S / PDIF (optical cable) input / output port, charging Micro - USB port.

To charge the Soundsync A 3341, just plug the Micro-USB cable into the Micro-USB port on the main unit.

The LED of the power button lights up while charging, and the charge status is displayed. The state of charge is in all three stages, and it is "charging" when it is lit in red like the image. When the red LED flashes, it indicates "Low battery level", and it turns off when charging is completed. When fully charged, you can use up to 20 hours in transmitter mode and up to 17 hours in receiver mode.

◆ Try using the transmitter mode
Try out the transmitter mode that was set from the beginning. This time, connect the smartphone and the Soundsync A 3341 with the AUX cable and connect the Bluetooth speaker via Soundsync A 3341Soundcore Motion QTry playing the voice of the smartphone with.

First, turn on the power of Soundcore Motion Q and put it in pairing mode.

Next, insert the terminal of the AUX cable into the earphone port of the smartphone ......

Connect the other terminal to the AUX port of Soundsync A 3341.

Then push the button of Soundsync A 3341 to pair. Since it is in the transmitter mode from the beginning, in this state press and hold the power button for about 2 seconds.

Then the LED of the power button flashes in blue, so wait for about 30 seconds ...

Soundcore Motion Q pairing is completed, "Polone" sounds, Bluetooth speaker preparation is completed.

By doing this, the voice of the smartphone will be played on the Bluetooth speaker via Soundsync A 3341.

Next, in this stateSoundCore Pro +To the Soundsync A 3341 and simultaneously try playing audio on two Bluetooth speakers.

First of all, turn off the pairing Soundcore Motion Q ... ...

Press the power button on the Soundsync A3341 for 2 seconds and turn off the power here as well.

Turn on the power of the newly connected SoundCore Pro + and turn to pairing mode ......

Put the power of the Soundsync A 3341 back on and wait for about 30 seconds.

Then, "SoundCore Pro +" speaker beeps "Poron", pairing is completed.

When pairing at the same time at the same time, since it is necessary to synchronize two units at the time of Soundsync A 3341 start, once turn off the main unit ... ...

Turn on the power of Soundcore Motion Q and wait for pairing.

And then turn on the Soundsync A 3341 again ...

"Poron" beeps from the two speakers and pairing is completed.

Simultaneously with completion of pairing, the power button of Soundsync A 3341 is lit green which means "Pairing with two units".

You can check the way the music was actually played on two speakers with the following movie. It has the same content as the movie at the beginning, but the movie contains only Soundcore Motion Q, SoundCore Pro + only, both speakers playing, and even when playing music with two speakers, sound skipping has occurred It can be confirmed that there is nothing.

I tried playing music simultaneously with two speakers using Soundsync A3341 - YouTube

Since it is connected with audio equipment by Bluetooth, it can be paired with Bluetooth headphones and earphones besides speakers. If you connect with a TV using the included S / PDIF cable, you can enjoy high-quality sound at a loud volume and two people at the same time without having to worry about neighborhood even in the middle of the night.

◆ Using Receiver Mode
Next, use the receiver function of Soundsync A 3341 to play the voice of the smartphone with a speaker (Bose Computer Music Monitor) for a PC not a Bluetooth compatible device. Since there was not anything that the S / PDIF terminal could use with the speaker at hand, connect with the AUX cable.

Insert the terminal of the AUX cable into the input port of the speaker ......

Connect the other terminal to Soundsync A 3341.

And switch the side switch from TX to RX, change to receiver mode.

When you turn on the Soundsync A3341, the power button LED flashes red and blue.

Open the Bluetooth setting screen of the smartphone and tap "Soundsync A 3341".

Ready when "Connection" is displayed.

By doing this, you will be able to play sounds such as music played on smartphones and YouTube videos on external speakers. Even if there are speakers with good sound quality at home, it might be Ali to those who say that opportunities to use are gone.

In the receiver mode Soundsync A 3341, up to two terminals can be connected at the same time. The sound of the two terminals can not be played back at the same time and the sound of the terminal that played the sound is played first, but when you stop playing on one terminal, it switches smoothly to the other sound I will.

Soundsync A3341 is 3999 yen including tax with Amazon, but only 500 pieces on June 15, 2018 (Fri) is 3199 yen including tax.

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