Anker's ultra-compact Bluetooth speaker "3000 yen" can be purchased "SoundCore mini" & Sports waterproof Bluetooth earphone "SoundBuds Sport NB 10" review

Portable Bluetooth speaker with passive woofer on palm-sized body, playing music from smartphone · SD card · AUX and also as FM radio "SoundCore mini"And a waterproof Bluetooth earphone for sports"SoundBuds Sport NB 10"Anker will release on Wednesday, August 24, 2016. Since two wireless products were delivered from Anker to the editorial department of GIGAZINE, I actually tried using both to use it.

"SoundCore mini" on the left side and "SoundBuds Sport NB 10" on the right side.

First of all it was opened from SoundCore mini. Inside the box there was a SoundCore mini main unit, a USB cable, and explanatory documents.

SoundCore mini is a tubular mini speaker designed with a refreshing black body.

The size is only about half the height of the iPhone 5s, it's easy to carry.

It is exactly the palm-sized ultra-small speaker, but it is perfect for outdoor as it can play continuously for 15 hours.

The upper part is a mesh, and a powerful sound is produced by the built-in 5W audio driver and passive subwoofer.

You can operate music and radio with "volume button" and "play / stop button" on the side.

Various switches and input ports on the bottom side of the side. From the left Mic · Mode button · Power switch · 3.5 mm AUX input jack ......

Furthermore, Micro - USB port and microSD slot are lining up.

Since the bottom surface has a silicone pad affixed to it, it does not seem easy to roll on the dashboard etc of the car.

So I will use it at once. First, slide the power switch and turn on the power.

If the LED lamp under the volume control button blinks, it is in the standby state of Bluetooth connection, so connecting with a smartphone or the like is OK. When the power is turned on or connected to Bluetooth, it will also notify you by sound.

You can see the actual movie playing music connected to the smartphone from the following movie.

Play music with Anker's palm-sized Bluetooth speaker "SoundCore mini" - Volume control - Skip - YouTube

Just press play / stop button with Bluetooth connection with the device you want to play music on. Also, if you press and hold this button for a while, the voice assistant such as Siri will be activated, so even voice operation toward the speaker is OK. It is also possible to talk through speakers.

You can increase the volume with "+", and if you press and hold for 2 seconds you can skip to the next song.

Similarly, decrease the volume of "-", or long press to return to the previous song.

Press the mode button to switch between "Bluetooth" "AUX" "FM radio" "SD card" mode. The mode of AUX and SD card is skipped unless an audio plug or SD card is inserted.

In the FM radio mode, the USB cable is substituted for the antenna, so we could listen without any problem by connecting the USB cable.

◆ SoundBuds Sport NB 10
Next I will try using SoundBuds Sport NB 10.

When opening Kappato and opening it like this, SoundBuds Sport NB 10 is contained ... ...

SoundBuds Sport NB 10 main unit, special case, USB cable, replacement ear pad, explanatory documents are included.

On the front side of the earphone part is the "Anker" logo.

Three buttons on the earphone on the right side allow you to adjust the volume, play and stop.

When viewed from the side, it is shaped to be firmly caught in the ear, and there is no worry that even intense sports will be taken. Press and hold the middle of the three buttons to enter Bluetooth connection standby state and connect with smartphone etc.

It actually looks like this.

I was able to operate the music by pushing the button without problems even with the earphone on.

It can be adjusted to the best position in the neckband around the back of the head, and if you fit it tightly it will not slip even if you run or bounce. It can be played continuously for 6 hours from the state where the battery is full and clears the waterproof standard of IPX 5, so it should be useful for people who want to listen to music while jogging.

The price of SoundCore mini and SoundBuds Sport NB 10 is 2999 yen including tax and can be purchased from the following page.

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