Anker's portable Bluetooth speaker 'SoundCore 2' 'SoundCore Boost' review that is waterproof & compact but powerful and clear sound quality

Anker added a waterproof function to '

SoundCore ' which won the first place in the portable speaker category of ' Amazon Ranking Award 2017 1st Half ', and the high-end model ' SoundCore 2 ' with enhanced sound quality with two high-performance drivers and bass Two types of portable speakers called ' SoundCore Boost ' that you can enjoy powerful bass with the 'Bass Up' button that can switch the output have appeared from June 13, 2017 (Tuesday). I actually tried using it to see what would happen if I upgraded the best-selling mini portable speaker.

Anker | SoundCore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker | Black

Anker | SoundCore Boost 20W Bluetooth Speaker | Black

Two new speakers from Anker

First of all, from 'SoundCore 2'.

When you open the lid, it looks like this

Inside was the SoundCore 2 main unit, a Micro-USB cable for charging, and instructions.

Seen from the front

The entire surface of the speaker is mesh, and inside it is equipped with a 6W dual driver that boasts twice the output of the previous model's 3W dual driver.

From the left, the buttons for 'Power', 'Volume down', 'Play / Stop', 'Volume up', and 'Bluetooth' are lined up at the top of the main unit.

The brand name was also engraved on the back.

There are four non-slip on the bottom.

At the end of pulling the knob on the right side is an AUX outlet and a Micro-USB port for charging. The rubber pad is fairly tight for waterproofing.

Press and hold the power button on the far left to turn on the power and automatically switch to Bluetooth pairing mode.

All you have to do is connect a Bluetooth compatible device such as a smartphone you want to connect to. By the way, if you have an iOS device with iOS 6 or above, the battery level will be displayed next to the Bluetooth icon while connected.

When I actually listened to it, it was a small but powerful low-pitched sound, and when the volume was raised to the maximum, it was too loud indoors. The weight is as light as 414g, and it seems that it can be fully used outdoors such as camping.

You can see the movie actually played with the volume of 'SoundCore 2' set to the minimum and maximum from the following.

Minimum & maximum volume of Anker's portable Bluetooth speaker 'SoundCore 2' --YouTube

'SoundCore Boost' is included in a slightly luxurious package of black and blue.

Paca opened

Inside is the SoundCore Boost main unit, Micro-USB cable for charging, and instructions.

Seen from the front, it looks like this, with a classic and refreshing design. The speaker part is made of cloth material ...

Unlike SoundCore 2, it goes around almost 360 degrees.

One size larger than SoundCore 2

This much compared to iPhone 7

Although it is a little large, it weighs 585g and is a size that can be held with one hand, so it seems that it is not a problem to carry it outdoors.

From the left, the 'Power', 'Volume down', 'Play / Stop', 'Volume up', and 'Bass Up' buttons are lined up on the top surface.

There is a rubber pad containing ports on the left side ...

When opened, the USB, AUX, and Micro-USB ports are stored from above. If you use the USB port, you can use it as a mobile battery with a capacity of 5200mAh, so it should come in handy outdoors.

If you press and hold the power button, the pairing mode will start automatically, so you can connect a Bluetooth device such as a smartphone. If it is an NFC compatible device, it is nice to be able to connect with one tap just by placing the device on the speaker in the pairing mode.

When I actually heard it, I could play 20W Hi-Fi sound with dual drivers and two subwoofers. With a more powerful and clear sound than SoundCore 2, it can be used as a simple street live speaker. Maximizing the sound would be annoying at the campsite, but the sound wasn't distorted or cracked.

You can see the movie played with the volume of SoundCore Boost set to the minimum and maximum from the following.

Minimum & maximum volume of Anker's portable Bluetooth speaker 'SoundCore Boost' --YouTube

The biggest feature of SoundCore Boost is that you can switch to 'super base mode' with the 'Bass Up' button. Rather than the bass becoming crunchy, it seems that the bass is powerful enough to be understood, and it seems better to switch depending on the music. On the other hand, instead of achieving powerful output, the playable time is 12 hours, which is half that of SoundCore 2.

Both SoundCore 2 and SoundCore Boost have cleared the IPX5 waterproof standard, so it is impossible to use it in a bath etc., but it can withstand some rain. However, since SoundCore Boost is upholstered, it feels a little muffled when it gets wet, and you need to be careful when carrying it until it dries.

You can see what happens when you sprinkle water while actually playing music by watching the following movie.

Anker's waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker 'SoundCore Boost' muffles the sound when it gets wet-YouTube

'SoundCore 2' has been on sale on Amazon from 10 o'clock on June 13, and the price is 4999 yen including tax.

Amazon | Anker SoundCore 2 (12W Bluetooth4.2 speaker 24 hours continuous playback) [Enhanced bass / IPX5 waterproof standard / dual driver / built-in microphone] | Digital audio speaker mail order

'SoundCore Boost' is also on sale at the same time, and the price is 6999 yen including tax.

Amazon | Anker SoundCore Boost (20W Bluetooth4.2 speaker stylish design) [Powerful bass / IPX5 waterproof standard / mobile battery function installed] | Digital audio speaker online mail order

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