I tried using Anker 's Bluetooth speaker "SoundCore Pro +" which made compact and compatible with the bass and echoes bass

Anker's portable speaker "SoundCore"As a modified version of the new model with a high-performance driver and a digital signal processor, with maximum output of 25 W," The best sound of Anker ever realized "SoundCore Pro +It will appear on April 20, 2018. I tried to verify how compact Bluetooth speakers are sophisticated and actually used.

Anker | SoundCore Pro + 25 W Bluetooth Speaker

"SoundCore Pro +" arrived in black keynote case.

I will open the case immediately.

Inside was SoundCore Pro + main body, charging micro-USB cable, instructions included.

The charging Micro-USB cable is stored in a black elongated case.

Looking at SoundCore Pro + from the front like this. Besides having a mesh on the front ......

Even when viewed from behind, all sides are mesh. It seems that sound comes out from 360 degrees. Compact size of SoundCore Pro + is 204 mm in width, 72 mm in length, 69 mm in height. The weight is about 760 grams and a little heavier.

From the left, "Power" "Volume Down" "Play / Stop" "Volume Up" "Bluetooth" buttons are lined up.

There were four anti-skid on the bottom.

Open the rear knob and you will see an AUX slot from the left, a USB port that you can use to charge SoundCore Pro + for other devices instead of a battery, and a Micro - USB port for charging on the far right.

To charge the SoundCore Pro +, insert the Micro-USB cable for charging into the Micro-USB port.

The upper light flashes while charging. It is said that when one light shines during charging, the charge amount is 5 to 25%, the two are 25 to 50%, the three are 50 to 75%, and the four are 75 to 100%. The SoundCore Pro + has an 8000 mAh lithium ion battery, which allows continuous playback of up to 18 hours with one full charge and can also be used as a battery to charge other devices from the USB port.

Press and hold the power button on the top for more than 2 seconds to turn on the SoundCore Pro +.

The Bluetooth button starts blinking blue as soon as the power is turned on, and the Bluetooth connection mode is automatically established.

Afterwards if you select "SoundCore Pro" from the equipment you want to connect ... ...

The Bluetooth connection is completed. If you are an NFC compatible device, simply put the device on the speaker in pairing mode, you can connect with one tap.

When I heard it actually, the low temperature of the base became a powerful sound that resonated with the sushin, and when the volume was raised, the vibration of the sound which was made bilberry was transmitted to the skin. The output of the speaker is 12.5 W × 2 maximum of 25 W, and the volume is sufficient although it is small. Some of the editorial staff who listened to music at SoundCore Pro + said that "I do not have the bass stretched to the bottom and I want a little more of the treble of the treble", but it is this size / class of Level of seeking too much for speakers. At least nothing complains about listening to music at home.

You can change the volume of playing music and play / stop operation with the volume down / play / stop / volume up button at the top.

You can see the movie you actually watched when playing with SoundCore Pro +'s volume set to minimum and maximum.

I tried using Anker's Bluetooth speaker "SoundCore Pro +"

In addition, SoundCore Pro + has cleared the waterproof standard of IPX 4, and it can withstand even with some splashing.

If you insert the USB cable for charging other equipment into the USB port on the back of the main unit ......

It can also be used as a battery to charge other equipment.

"SoundCore Pro +" has been on sale on Amazon from 10 am on April 20, 2018, at 13,480 yen (tax included) on Amazon. Also, to celebrate the launch at Amazon, it is available for purchase at 10,000 yen (including tax) of 26% off with only 500 items.

Amazon | Anker SoundCore Pro + (25 W Bluetooth 4.2 Premium Bluetooth Speaker) 【Original Bass Technology & amp; High Resolution Sound / IPX 4 Waterproof Standard / Mobile Battery Function Installed | | Anker | Digital Audio Speaker

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