I tried actually using the 'Anker PowerCore AC' ultra large capacity mobile battery limited to 2000 units corresponding to AC output

" Anker PowerCore AC " from " Anker " known for mobile batteries and audio equipment will appear on the official online store and Amazon.co.jp on October 2, 2018 (Tuesday) limited to 2000 units. "Anker PowerCore AC" is a model that corresponds to AC output for the first time as a mobile battery which can be said as a signboard product of Anker, and it is an ultra-large capacity battery that can also cope even when it is necessary to charge by an outlet on the go. A special travel case that is convenient to carry is also included, and we tried it ahead of what actual usability and power are like by coping from the preparation for travel to everyday use.

Anker PowerCore AC | Product Information of Mobile Battery & Charger | Anker Official Online Store

This is the package of "Anker PowerCore AC". Blue and white coloring familiar with Anker products.

As I opened the inside, there was a travel case for carrying · Anker PowerCore AC main body · AC adapter · Micro USB cable · instruction book · support contact information was included.

Compared to the iPhone 6s battery body like this. Vertical is approximately 18 cm, Horizontal is approximately 12 cm.

The body weighs 714 g.

There are AC output port, power supply switch for AC output, charging port, USB port × 2, and power button on the main body side in order from the left. Unlike Anker 's mobile battery that has appeared so far, Anker PowerCore AC can connect household outlets with an AC adapter and supply power.

The travel case is about 15 cm in length and about 22 cm in width.

It is possible to fit the battery body completely in the travel case ......

The upper part of the travel case is equipped with space that can accommodate cables in this way.

In the travel case Anker PowerCore AC main body · AC adapter · The weight with the Micro USB cable put in is 1282 g. It is a bit painful to carry around with one hand.

To charge the Anker PowerCore AC main body, plug the supplied AC adapter into the charging port and connect it to the power outlet. OK.

You can check the remaining battery power by pressing the power button on the right end of the connection. Four LED lamps will light if the number of LED lights indicates the remaining battery level and it is close to full charge.

If you want to supply power to a smartphone etc., insert the Micro USB cable into the USB port of the battery ... ...

You can charge devices such as smartphones. Of course you can also charge iPhone XS Max .

"Although the AC output is pretty, how much can you power it?" Is where anyone cares. So, while actually feeding fully charged Anker PowerCore AC to the notebook PC " Panasonic let 's note CF - SX 2" with 2% remaining battery power, I tried to actually run the PC.

You can see the actual power supply from the following movies.

"Anker PowerCore AC" actually tested how many hours you can use the AC output to notebook PC - YouTube

I switched laptops' power settings to "high performance" all the time to maximize power consumption, I continued to stream live streaming called " NASA Live: Earth From Space " being broadcasted on YouTube and took time lapse shots. Since the notebook PC was down at 14:50 after shooting started from 12:05, it means that the power supply from Anker PowerCore AC was continued for about 2 hours and 45 minutes. If you set the power setting of PC to save mode, it can be used for a longer time, so it is enough for mobile battery. Moreover, it is possible to supply power to Anker PowerCore AC from an optional solar charger, and it is also possible to use it assuming the time of mountain climbing or disaster.

In addition, "Anker PowerCore AC" has become 14,999 yen including tax, starting with the launch of a campaign that can be purchased with Amazon's first-come-first-served 200 items and 2000 yen off of 12,999 yen.

Amazon.co.jp: Anker PowerCore AC (22,000 mAh ultra large capacity AC output mounted mobile battery) 【90 W AC output / 2 USB ports / PowerIQ compatible】

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