It was talked about that the advertisement display function was implemented in the search bar of Firefox



While Google, the developer of Chrome, has been accused of 'using a lot of user data,' Firefox has so far had minimal use of user data and therefore high privacy. It has been evaluated. However, in 'Firefox 93 ' released on October 6, 2021, it has been talked about that advertisements using user information will be displayed as keyword search candidates.

Firefox Is Getting Ads in Your Search Bar

Firefox's address bar has ads now, but you can disable them --The Verge

On October 6, 2021, Mozilla released the official version of Firefox 93. Firefox 93 featured AVIF support and automatic tab unloading as major changes, but at the same time added a new feature called Firefox Suggest.

Firefox Suggest is a function that shows search candidates in the Firefox address bar and search bar.

Mozilla describes this feature as 'emerging relevant information and websites to help you achieve your goals.' Many search engines, including Google, have already implemented the ability to indicate such search suggestions.

Navigate the Web faster with Firefox Suggest | Firefox Help

Firefox search suggestions display function | Firefox Help

When using this function in the Japanese version of Firefox, suggestions are made from data such as browsing history, bookmarks, and open tabs. On the other hand, in the United States, in addition to this, 'Contextual Suggestions' are made, but ripples are spreading as 'Is the suggestion from the context just an advertisement?'

In the description, Mozilla said, 'If'suggestions from context'are enabled, Firefox Suggest will search your location and search to generate contextual suggestions by Mozilla and its partners, with privacy in mind. Use Word '' If you are using Firefox version 92 or later, you will receive new and relevant suggestions from our trusted partners based on your search history. New recommendations. No new data will be collected, stored or shared when making a proposal. '

Firefox Suggest sounds like a useful feature, but on the other hand, IT-related information site How-To Geek checked the Firefox settings page and found that the suggestion from the context was 'content from the company that paid the money', in other words. And reports that it contains ads.

This is the settings page for the American version of Firefox. Below the word 'Contextual Suggestions' in the Firefox Suggest settings section, there is a checkmarked 'Include occasional sponsored suggestions' item.

In the case of the Japanese version, there is no character indicating the content by the advertiser in the 'search candidates' part.

By removing the check mark, the advertising content will not be displayed. However, Firefox has been praised for its high privacy and low use of user data, and for this reason many people are using it instead of Google Chrome. For this reason, IT-related information site The Verge states, 'It's a little disappointing to have to manage such functions.'

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