'Google search link fix' that can correctly copy website links displayed in Google search results without extra strings

When you do a

Google search in Firefox, a link to a website related to the search word will be displayed on the search result screen. However, if you try to copy a website link directly from the search result screen, you will get a link with an extra character string, so many people will be worried. ' Google search link fix ' is an extension that solves this problem and allows you to get the correct link directly from the search results screen.

Google search link fix – Get extensions for Firefox (ja)

When you do a Google search in Firefox, the search results screen will list links to words and related web pages.

At this time, if you right-click the link to open the menu and click 'Copy URL of link', you can copy the URL of the link destination ...

URLs copied this way contain a lot of unnecessary parameters. You can actually enter this URL in the address bar to open the desired website, but unnecessary strings can get in the way, such as when you want to tell someone the URL.

That's where the Firefox extension 'Google search link fix' allows you to copy the correct URL of the website displayed on the search results screen from the right-click menu. First, open the Firefox add-on distribution page ...

Click 'Add to Firefox'.

When asked 'Do you want to add a Google search link fix?', Click 'Add'.

You have now added Google search link fix to Firefox.

Do a Google search right away ...

Right click and copy the link.

When I checked the URL, I was able to get the URL without unnecessary character strings.

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