Google begins testing a feature that adds notes to search results

In an effort to improve the search experience, Google has started testing the ability to add notes to search results. Google says, 'It helps you find the best answers to unusual or unique questions, and helps you discover what's most useful to you on the web.'

How to try Notes: New Google Search Labs experiment

Google is going to let you annotate search results - The Verge

According to Google, people are interested in what people with similar attributes to themselves think about a particular site. The function that visualizes this is 'Notes', which allows you to add notes to specific sites.

'Add Note' and '○○notes' buttons will be added to the information displayed in the search results. Click 'Add Note' to add a note, and click '○○notes' to see notes written by other users.

The memo list looks like this.

Each memo can be enlarged and viewed. Text decoration and visual customization with stamps, photos, etc. are also possible.

In introducing Notes, Google says it recognizes that quality and safety are important, and explains that it uses a combination of algorithmic protection and human moderation to remove harmful material. .

'Notes' will be available in the Google app Search Labs in English in the United States and in English and Hindi in India from November 16, 2023. It is unclear when the service will be available in Japan.

In addition, we will begin testing a feature that will notify you of new information when you follow a specific topic.

Google Search update: New follow features, perspectives, Notes

For example, search for half marathon training.

Then, a button will appear asking whether you want to follow the search phrase.

If you follow them, you will be notified on your home feed when new information is available, and when you revisit search results.

For example, the search screen shows topics you're following like this:

Click to see the latest information on the topic.

Google says it 'strives to show you the most helpful, relevant, and trustworthy information possible.' The update will launch in the U.S. in the coming weeks for the Google app and mobile Chrome and Safari.

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