I also looked at Google's smart camera 'Google Nest Cam' photo review that does not require a power supply and can be installed anywhere, a dustproof and drip-proof cable that is OK outdoors & a dedicated stand that is convenient indoors

On August 26, 2021, Google's security camera 'Google Nest Cam (battery-powered) ', which has a built-in battery and does not require power distribution, can be installed anywhere indoors or outdoors. In addition to the 'Google Nest Cam' that allows you to connect to Google's smart home to handle visitors and grasp the comings and goings of people with your smartphone, the ' Google Nest Cam stand ' that is convenient for indoor installation, and a battery for outdoor use I received a 'dust-proof / drip-proof cable ' exclusively for Nest Cam that allows me to avoid having to worry about holding it, so I opened it and took pictures.

Google Nest Cam (Battery) -Google Store


Google Nest Cam Stand for Google Nest Cam (Battery Powered)-Google Store

Google Nest Cam (Battery-powered) Dust-Proof / Drip-Proof Cable-Google Store

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◆ Google Nest Cam Photo Review
◆ I tried installing the camera on a dedicated stand that is convenient indoors
◆ Nest Cam can be connected to a power supply with a dustproof / splashproof cable

◆ Google Nest Cam Photo Review
This is 'Google Nest Cam (battery-powered)'.

When I opened the box, the Nest Cam body was in the case.

The contents are the magnet plate and the Nest Cam body.

A booklet with a quick start guide and precautions for safe use.

1 meter long charging cable and power adapter.

Wall plates, screws, and wall anchors used when installing holes in the wall.

When I peel off the lens protection sticker of Nest Cam, it looks like this. In addition to being equipped with a camera that can shoot movies of up to 1080p / 30FPS with 2 megapixels, there is also a status light used to check the usage status in the red frame part.

Please do not throw away the QR code attached to this protective seal as it will be used for setup later.

On the bottom, there are screw holes for a tripod, a socket for a charging cable, and a speaker.

The actual weight of the main body is 395g ...

The total weight of the main body, magnet plate, wall plate, wall plate and screws to be fixed to the wall was 517g. Perhaps it is designed so that the center of gravity is arranged in a well-balanced manner, it does not give a heavy impression even if it is held by hand.

The magnet plate has a dent like this ...

Can be attached to the Nest Cam body. The magnetic force of the magnet plate is so strong that the magnet plate floats up and attracts just by bringing the main body close to it, so it can be firmly fixed. You can see how powerful it is by playing the following movie.

'Google Nest Cam' Super Powerful Magnet-YouTube

It is so powerful that the outer box has a note saying, 'If you have a pacemaker or other implantable medical device, keep a safe distance from this product.'

The bottom of the magnet plate also sticks to the metal. If you watch the movie below, you can see how strongly it sticks, but be careful when playing it as it makes a loud noise.

'Google Nest Cam' can be installed on a metal wall-YouTube

It can be installed on a metal wall or ceiling like this.

It can be easily installed on the side of the refrigerator without using any tools.

However, with the attached magnet plate, the camera is inevitably angled and cannot be leveled or turned downward. Therefore, if you place it on a shelf, you may not be able to see the entire room, which limits the installation location.

◆ I tried installing the camera on a dedicated stand that is convenient indoors
An optional accessory 'Google Nest Cam Stand' is available for indoor use.

The contents are a stand, a 3 meter long charging cable, and a quick start guide.

The top of the stand has a terminal for connecting to Nest Cam, and the bottom has a socket for inserting a charging cable.

When I put Nest Cam on the stand, it looks like this. This allows you to install the Nest Cam horizontally.

The angle of the terminal that connects Nest Cam can be changed, so ...

It can also be turned down.

In the following movie, the movable range of the stand and the smoothness when changing the angle are checked with the 'Google Nest Cam' actually set.

The movable range of the stand for 'Google Nest Cam' looks like this-YouTube

The bottom is made of non-slip material.

The stand weighs 277g.

The center of gravity is at the bottom of the stand, so it is very stable, and if you install it on a flat surface, you will not have to worry about it turning or tipping over.

Nest Cam is

IP54 compliant, waterproof and dustproof, so it can be installed outdoors. It is said that the built-in battery will run continuously for 3 months under standard usage, but considering that it will be used all the time, it feels a little troublesome to need to charge it every 3 months.

◆ Nest Cam can be connected to a power supply with a dustproof / splashproof cable
Therefore, there is also a 'dust-proof / drip-proof cable' as an optional accessory that is intended for long-term outdoor use.

The contents are a 5 meter charging cable and 6 cable clips and 6 screws each to attach the cable to the wall.

The cable clip is used by sandwiching the cable like this and then fixing it to the wall with screws.

The cable is IP65 compliant, which is more waterproof and dustproof than the Nest Cam itself.

The length of the cable is 5 meters. If it's not long enough, you can opt for a 10 meter cable.

The 'Google Nest Cam (battery-powered) ' that appeared on August 26, 2021 can be purchased from the Google official website, and the price is 23,900 yen including tax. In addition, the separately sold accessories ' Google Nest Cam Stand ' and ' Dustproof / Drip-Proof Cable ' are both 3900 yen including tax. You can also select a 10-meter dust-proof / drip-proof cable at the time of purchase, and the price is 5200 yen including tax.

In the next article, we'll connect to your smartphone to actually review Nest Cam.

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