We are planning a function that allows Twitter to react to tweets with 'laughs' and 'hmm'

At the time of writing an article, there are only three ways to respond to tweets posted by users on Twitter: 'Reply', 'Like', and 'Retweet'. However, it is clear that Twitter is planning to send reactions such as hearts and applause to tweets so that users can respond to tweets more easily.

Twitter readies iMessage-like Reactions launch and more --9to5Mac

The first report that Twitter is working on the development of reaction function is the application development that has revealed details about new functions such as Twitter's 'super follow ', ' cancel transmission ', and ' Twitter Blue' from application analysis. This is Jane Manchun Wong .

Mr. Wong tweeted on May 13, 2021 that he is working on developing a function that allows Twitter to send reactions such as 'like', 'cheers', 'hmm', 'sad', and 'laughs' to tweets. After that, on May 29th, I explained with images what kind of reaction will be sent.

And in July, following Mr. Wong, developer Nima Owji also said, 'Twitter is ready to launch the reaction function,' and said that the reaction function will appear soon. According to Owji, the reaction function can be used as follows by pressing and holding the 'Like' button of the tweet. There are 3 types of emoticons, applause, and hearts for a total of 5 reactions.

In addition, Owji also said that a new Fleet circle and space icon will be added to the user icon part of the web version of Twitter.

Both Wong and Owji are collecting information about new features that will be implemented in the app by reverse engineering Twitter, so it's almost certain that Twitter is planning these features. However, it is unclear when the reaction feature will actually be implemented.

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