Twitter releases prototype app 'twttr' for new function test

On March 11, 2019, Twitter released a prototype app " twttr " for testing new features for some users.

Twitter's new prototype app 'twttr' launch today | TechCrunch

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Will Twitter's official support account “help me build new features on Twitter? We hope we can more easily read, understand and participate in conversations on Twitter Yes, I want to know what the user is thinking about. Sign up and try our first new prototype app, 'twttr', and a prototype for testing new features We announce that we have released the app "twttr".

To sign up and use twttr, you need to enter your username and other information from the following page.

Twitter Prototype Program Application Form

Once you've signed up for the prototype program, you'll see a screen stating "more information available within the next few weeks" and "the prototype program is only available on iOS at the time of writing". . If you are approved to participate in the prototype program, you will be able to install twttr from Apple's TestFlight.

Salesforce CEO Bret Taylor, who is a board member of Twitter, seems to have got twttr just a step further, revealing that the app icon is designed as follows:

According to overseas media TechCrunch, the first function to be tested with twttr is "Design for conversation and reply on Twitter", which is an extension of the new user interface test that has been in place since around August 2018. There is no doubt that there is something.

New conversation-oriented interface that has been tested with twttr. Each tweet has a rounded shape, and it has been designed to clearly show the conversation with other users more than before. Also, replies to tweets are color-coded, making it easy to distinguish between the reply from the original tweeter and the reply from other Twitter users.

In addition, in the interface being tested with twttr, the existing Twitter app will hide the "Like" and "Retweet" buttons that will always appear below the tweet, and will be hidden in the reply view. . Twitter seems to think that the redesign of this interface makes the conversation between users clearer and helps to keep track of the conversation content. In addition, Twitter is designed to hide engagements, sharing options, and other tweet details so that long-threaded conversations are easier to read.

TechCrunch says that Twitter may test another new feature or change in twttr in the future. Furthermore, Twitter states that not all users can participate in the prototype program, and if Twitter rules follow, "only a few thousands of English and Japanese users will be invited," he said. TechCrunch is predicting.

"We need more signals in the development process," said Sara Haider, director of product management for Twitter. "These test builds do not always have all the familiar features. In addition, some things may appear or disappear. "

Also, since there is a (PDF) FAQ on prototype programs, please check it out if you are interested.

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