The existence of the paid service 'Twitter Blue' planned by Twitter is quietly revealed

It was reported that Twitter is planning its own paid service `` Twitter Blue '' to increase revenue, but it is clear that this paid service has been added to the in-app purchase option of the iOS version Twitter app It has become.

Twitter Confirms Plans for'Twitter Blue' $ 2.99 Monthly Subscription Service --MacRumors

Twitter confirms'Blue' paid subscription with color themes and alternative icons in iOS app --9to5Mac

The reason why we discovered that the item 'Twitter Blue' was added to the in-app purchase option of the iOS version Twitter app has been clarified from the app analysis such as new functions before implementation such as Twitter's 'send cancellation function'. App developer Jane Manchun Wong.

'Twitter Blue' is a paid service with a monthly fee of $ 2.99 (about 330 yen), so that you can use the 'cancellation function' of tweets as reported so far and the 'reader mode' that makes it easier to read tweets in a long thread. It seems to be. In addition, it seems that it will be possible to customize the color of the UI and application icons to your liking.

In addition, there is a new feature called 'Collections'. With this function, you can easily check your favorite tweets later by collecting your favorite tweets.

Although Twitter Blue is already included in the iOS version of the app, it is unknown at the time of writing the article when it will actually be available to all users. However, MacRumors reports that 'it should be released soon' because it is already implemented in the app.

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