Benefits and methods of 'virtual mutual masturbation' using video calls

Overseas news media Mashable explained the benefits and methods of

'mutual masturbation ' where people masturbate with each other using video calling apps such as FaceTime.

Mutual masturbation can bring you closer to your partner, even over FaceTime

'Mutual masturbation' advocated by Mashable is to masturbate with each other in front of your partner and show them to each other. Regarding sexual activity between men and women, there is a gender disparity that 'women are less likely to experience orgasm in sex than men', but in order to eliminate this disparity, what kind of stimulation is used in mutual masturbation? Mashable argues that it helps to show the partner if it leads to pleasure.

Claim that 'mutual masturbation' closes the orgasm gap between men and women-GIGAZINE

However, due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection, it is difficult to meet and eat during the day, let alone mutual masturbation. Therefore, Mashable newly proposes 'virtual mutual masturbation' that shows masturbation via the Internet.

Justin Lemiler, a researcher on sexuality and gender at Indiana University's Kinsey Research Institute , said of the benefits of virtual mutual masturbation: 'Useful teaching materials to help partners know their tastes and how to stimulate them. It has a video aspect. '

It also has the effect of preventing rut and enriching sexual life. Taylor Sparks, the founder of adult goods maker Organic Loven , told Mashable, 'Virtual mutual masturbation can be both a flasher and a peep, so I want to increase my repertoire of new sex.' It's perfect when you think about it. '

Despite the above merits, it is a fact that it is a high hurdle to approach 'Let's show off masturbation'. So Sparks said, 'If your partner cares about your privacy, decide not to record without your consent, or if you're embarrassed to see it, get the enthusiastic person to see your masturbation first. There is a way to start with. '

Also, according to Kenneth Play, who works on a movie about sex techniques , 'pacing ' is as important as sex when starting mutual masturbation. For example, it is effective to start with sexting by sending sexual messages and photos, or to explore adult tastes while enlivening the mood by watching adult live streaming together.

After successfully completing virtual mutual masturbation, you need to set up the equipment. The location recommended by Mr. Play for virtual mutual masturbation is 'bed'. You can get started right away by placing a laptop with a webcam on the bed, or if you want, you can lay a pillow under the PC to angle it or lean against the bedside wall. is. If you use a smartphone, you can either use a tripod or stack books and stand the smartphone on it. Furthermore, if you want a more provocative angle, you can put your smartphone on the bed and stand on your knees.

To create an atmosphere, you need to pay attention not only to the camera angle but also to the lighting and sound. According to Mr. Play, red light emphasizes the color of the skin, so it is effective to use red light for lighting. Play also advised that it's better to keep the microphone and earphones wireless so they don't get in the way.

Regarding the most important thing in virtual mutual masturbation, Mr. Sparks emphasized that 'the consent of both parties, safety, and peace of mind are the most important.' Check if the other person's facial expression is stiff or awkward, check 'whether the partner is enjoying it from the bottom of his heart', and if he shows any discomfort, stop. And said it should be discussed.

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