What happens if strangers hug each other nakedly? Experimental movie called

It has been known from past studies that contact between human skin and skin helps reduce stress and increase mutual trust . So what happens if strangers take their clothes off and hug each other? The movie we experimented with is ' We asked strangers to hold each other skin to skin '.

We asked strangers to hold each other skin to skin-YouTube

Before being naked and hugged, the pair of twos will still face dressed. If you are friendly from the moment you meet 'You are my friends today' ...

Even two people with a distance.

A woman who is told to take off clothes and hug each other and asks, 'Can I keep my hands on my chest?'

Two people ask when asked, 'What is your first impression of each other?'

The man on the left, who talks about the impression, 'Handsome men.

'I will apologize for the first time, because I'm sure I will laugh.'

And those who take off their clothes.

At first, some women appear with their chests hidden.

Even two people in the state of releasing their hands from the beginning.

Two people who say 'Please hug please' and hug each other.

It is silent and expressionless.

The other two also hug each other.

Two people who laugh involuntarily or involuntarily.

When asked, 'What kind of thing are you thinking now?'

A woman who is asked, 'Why are you keeping your face in the chest?' 'It's comfortable here because you are 160 cm tall,' replied in a calm atmosphere.

Let each pair go away once ...

This time, one will hold the other from behind. The following men are a bit uncomfortable.

Reverse the role. Then the woman is told to stick back and chest.

A woman who says 'good feelings'. I am very happy.

'I think it's snowing today,' 'I really like snow,' 'I like it,' 'It's fun,' while holding a naked hug and talking everyday.

The right man cares if his hands are too cold, but the left man says, 'I noticed it for the first time.'

Two people who were expressionless and awkward, but in a relaxed atmosphere.

The woman on the left is 28 years old, the woman on the right is 38 years old, and 10 years old.

'You can not see even ten older because you are beautiful,' said a woman with glasses.

When asked, 'If you meet on the street, do you think you will approach each other and talk?'

The woman answered 'No' in close contact with her body.

This time a sofa appears.

When a man puts his head on a woman's lap, the woman smiles.

The atmosphere is as if these two men had already been accompanied for many years.

A man said to me, 'Please!'

These two are already intimate. The content that is saying 'I don't know when I was afraid of high places?' 'I do not know, I was already scared when I noticed' is also quite personal.

Transsexual women talk about the hard memories of their school days.

The woman was born in a devout Christian family and confessed to the past that she had grown up against fundamentalists.

These two people seem to be talking on the theme of 'own scary things' and confess that women are scared of getting older. It seems to buy a product that sings rejuvenation.

In the end, laughter is heard on the spot, and the atmosphere is such that everyone can not think it was their first meeting. People who were nervous at first by putting their hands on their chest are also quite relaxed.

The people who come to time and get dressed again.

I asked for an impression about the experience of holding each other naked while wearing clothes, 'I don't know well, but I think it was a good thing for me. ', The left woman said.

'It was a very intimate experience'

Some women have said that the barrier for awkwardness was quickly removed.

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