Women in the world do not want to share the night together are "Germans"

A questionnaire survey was conducted on women from 20 countries around the world for men from around the world, and it seems that Germans were chosen for men in countries who do not want to stay together the most overnight. Meanwhile, the Spaniards were chosen for men in countries wanting the most overnight, and Spanish men seem attractive to women around the world. Besides that, there seem to be some countries that are chosen as the top ten men in the country who do not want to go overnight together for various reasons.

Is the Japanese ranked in either the top 10 or the worst 10?

Details are from the following.
Poll: German Men Worst Lovers

German men are 'world's worst lovers' with English men in second place - Telegraph

According to these articles, we are conducting a questionnaire survey mainly in the UK "OnePoll"It seems that they conducted a questionnaire survey on 15,000 women in 20 countries" men in countries wanting to stay overnight "and" men in countries who do not want to stay overnight ".

As a result, German men were chosen as those who do not want to bed in the world because "body odor is too strong." Then the Swedish are ranked in the worst 3 for the reason that "British" is "impatient (too soon)" because "it is too aggressive".

Top 10 men who do not want to go overnight are as follows.

First place: German (body odor is too strong)
Second place: England (too loud)
3rd place: Swedish (too impatient (too early))
4th place: Dutch (too rude)
5th: Americans (too intimidating)
6th: Greeks (too sentimental)
7th place: Welsh (too selfish)
8th: Scottish (too noisy)
9th: Turkish (sweat is too great)
10th: Russians (too hairy)

Incidentally, the top 10 men who wish to have one night together are as follows.

First place: Spaniards
Second place: Brazilian
3rd place: Italian
Fourth place: French
5th place: Irish
6 th: South African
7th: Australian
8th: New Zealanders
9th: Danish people
10th: Canadians

It seems that Asians including Japanese were not ranked in the top ten or the worst 10.

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