Questionnaire on shock impact on sexual activity in the UK

A questionnaire on sexual activity to 2000 males and females in the UK with an average age of 21 years was conducted and it seemed that shocking results were obtained. The result of this survey is the result of the questionnaire on the female side, which is extreme content.

Perhaps because culture is different from Japan, it may be unnecessarily shocked, but looking at the questionnaire results makes me think that "women are scary ...".

Details are from the following.
Young women 'have more sexual partners' than men - Telegraph

The results of the questionnaire are as follows.

■ While men are sexually active with an average of seven women, women have sex with the average of nine men, and women are doing many sexual acts and sex acts.

■ While 20% of men engaged in sex with 10 or more women, the proportion of women who are sexually acting more than 10 people is 25%.

Half of women have done unwilling sexual intercourse.

■ The age at which sex acts for the first time was 16 years old, and only 1% said they would not do sexual act until marriage. Also, more than half of the women who did not like sex with the first time sex acts.

■ Answer that 70% of women have experience with only one night's relationship, 60% of them have relationships with celebrities, that information can be sold for 20,000 pounds (about 2.7 million yen) .

■ 40% of women can marry their boss for money and answered that they may do sexual activities with their boss for promotion.

25% of women answered that they had affair with married men.

■ 38% of women responded that they had sex acts without using condoms for the first time sexual partners.

I have sexual activity about 3 times on average per week. The number of women who answered that they wanted sex acts five times a week was the most.

The above results are the results of the questionnaire in the UK, but I am wondering what the results will be in other countries.

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